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The Wave opens at Contemporary

by on June 15, 2008

The Wave restaurant has opened for service at the Contemporary Resort. The new establishment replaces the Food and Fun Center snack and recreation area. The new offering is a full service dining experience with an eclectic and trendy menu.

Dinner offerings include lamb shank, beef tenderloin and flank steak. The restaurant is notable for its choice of entirely screw-top wine bottles as a statement against the cork industry.

Sounds Dangerous closed July 7 to August 5, 2008

by on June 9, 2008

Minor refurbishment, no doubt to repair equipment and seating.

Updated Airport vs Off-site Car Rental Price Comparison

by on June 7, 2008

If you’re wondering whether to rent a car off-site, such as your hotel or on Disney property, to avoid paying all those airport taxes, this article tells you the circumstances under which that’s a good idea, and when you’re better off staying at the airport. Also includes specific advice and discount codes for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2008.

Illuminations LED progress

by on June 6, 2008

More recent tests have been spotted for new LED lights for Illuminations at Epcot. The show may remove the globe and run in a truncated format at any time should hey want to finally install the new systems.

Buzz Lightyear goes into space – for real!

by on June 6, 2008

In a cute publicity stunt as part of the launch of Toy Story Mania Disney is sending Buzz Lightyear into outer space.

Less McD’s?

by on June 6, 2008

Rumors have been swirling of a withdraw of McDoanlds from the theme parks. The first apparent casualty is that PetriFries at Animal Kingdom will be closed for refurbishment June 1-20. the result of the refurbishment and menu thereafter is unknown.

Less bubbly at Pop

by on June 6, 2008

Classic Concoctions, the bar/lounge area in the lobby of Pop Century, officially closed on May 6.

Buses that bad? Return of the rental car?

by on June 6, 2008

We’ve been hearing several reports from cast members and guests that Disney is cutting back bus service at Walt Disney World and the wait times for buses between parks and resorts is beginning to skyrocket.

The waits for buses previously were sometimes sporadic, but generally tolerable and mostly on-time. Now we are hearing consistent reports of long waits and major delays. Add to these first-hand reports the offhand comments from various cast members that Disney has reduced capacity in the face of gas prices – and there seems to be credibility to this problem.

Guests in the more distant past relied more heavily on their own personal transportation, be it rental car from the airport or family sedan driven across the country. In recent years the reliance on Disney transportation has gone up substantially and the various parking lots have become much less crowded. If the problems with the buses continue, the situation can expect to rebound and the vehicles will return to the parking lots as it appears that driving yourself from point to point is becoming the most reasonable option.

Premier Theater opens at Studios

by on June 6, 2008

The theater which housed the Hunchback o Notre Dame show at the Studios is now reopening for events such as Star Wars Weekends after major renovations. The theater is now enclosed and air conditioned and renamed as the Premier Theater. It will host various events, competitions, and concerts throughout the year.

Cars move to the Toy Barn

by on June 6, 2008

The meet-n-greet featuring characters from the movie Cars is being moved to Al’s Toy Barn along with some new scenic elements at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park.