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Portobello drops Yacht Club

by on August 15, 2008

The Portobello Yacht Club will soon be named merely Portobello with a thematic change and renovation schedule for 9/27/08 – 10/12/08.

A look around the Contemporary

by on August 15, 2008

A quick bevy of photos which explore the work being done on Disney’s Contemporary Resort. We like to call it “ScaffoldLand.” Work continues on the new quick service restaurant.

And scaffold has been installed over the end of the monorail station to allow for movable decks that will be lifted into the air to replace the ceiling tiles – heavily stained over the years by water leaks.

Outside, the new tower has added its metal framework for its highest structure.

New Bridge over troubled water

by on August 15, 2008

Work has begun on the strained Liberty Square Bridge. The parade route will be modified to only run up Main Street and around the central hub, not running through Frontierland, for the duration of the project. Spectromagic will not run during this period and the day parade will be performed twice.

Progress to boost Progress

by on August 15, 2008

During an apparent test run phase, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is giving away “surprise” FastPass tickets for the Carousel of Progress.

Though there really isn’t any need for a FastPass for Carousel of Progress, the test does appear to getting more guests into the show. Subsequently, guests enjoy an air conditioned theater show which ends just prior to their real FastPass window opening for the Space Ranger Spin. New signage also advertises and explains what the Carousel of Progress is to new guests.

Clock comes back

by on August 15, 2008

The clock on City Hall in the Magic Kingdom has returned after being gone for months for a refurbishment.

StormStruck packs them in

by on August 15, 2008

StormStruck has opened in Innoventions East and during its first week is proving of interest as it is pulling in the crowds.

The show has a 30-person capacity per 12 minute storm simulation so the line does move pretty slow. This week the switchback queue was full and at times overflowing into the walkway.

If you’re simply interested in checking out the latest attraction in Epcot then be sure to hit Innoventions before the crowds fill in at park opening. Typically the area is deserted until crowds finish their first rides on Soarin and Test Track.

Goodbye Tom..

by on August 15, 2008

We previously mentioned that Innoventions was undergoing an aesthetic change and upgrade which included the removal of the Tom Morrow 2.0 character and the Road to Tomorrow theme.

This change over is nearly complete and the new entrances from Future World East and West are getting finishing touches as we speak. Additionally, new guide maps for the two areas are being offered in the park. Those direct guests to further explore Innoventions via the new companion website, which can be found at

Four for a Dollar leaving Studios

by on August 15, 2008

The musical group Four for a Dollar which does the preshow for the Beauty and the Beast show at the Studios will have their final performance September 20, 2008.

WARNING: Contemporary Noise Levels

by on August 15, 2008

On August 14th, 2008, researchers for the Guide were at the Contemporary Resort. The construction noise level in main tower was so high that people standing next to each other could not hear each other speak. This was sustained for an extended period and the researchers recorded some of the noise. It is the result of the construction work on the new quick-service restaurant on the 4th floor. This noise has nothing to do with the tower being built next door – that has never caused concern of noise levels.

The researchers questioned resort staff for an end date or work-times for the project and were told there weren’t answers available. There are guests currently staying in the Tower rooms of the resort which are subject to this intense disruption of their stays.

The video records the audio, though it is garbled at times due to the recording device maxing-out from the intensity. The noise settles momentarily around 45-50 seconds in the video and shows that this is not a result of faulty recording equipment. It is that loud inside the main tower of the Contemporary Resort.

Since construction will continue for possibly several months on the interior of the resort and Disney will not give details of end dates or work periods, we suggest reconsidering any reservation at the Contemporary Resort in the coming months to ensure enjoyment of your resort stay.

Water Park Refurbishment Dates

by on August 14, 2008

We hear that Blizzard Beach will be closed for its annual refurbishment from September 28 through October 26, 2008. Typhoon Lagoon will be closed from October 26, 2008 through March 22, 2009.