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October 4th early closure?

by on August 9, 2008

Disney has apparently told the restaurants within the Magic Kingdom that the park will be closing at 5pm on the 4th of October. Phone calls to restaurants has gotten the same response each time and a few hints at annoyance from the staff at Disney not having updated the calendar on the main website yet to reflect the change.

This coupled with the cancellation of the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party the day before on the 3rd (yet no addition of fireworks or nighttime entertainment) should put a noticeable strain on Hollywood Studios and Epcot for those two nights crowd-wise. Also, Magic Kingdom is likely to see an influx of guests on the 2nd and 5th attempting to see the fireworks for shorter trip durations.

Major updates to Disney Hollywood Studios touring plans

by on August 6, 2008

Based on recent testing at the Studios, we’re changing the order in which we recommend seeing Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania when visiting the park first thing in the morning. This new ordering has almost exactly the same wait times in line, but has a FASTPASS return time 3 1/2 hours sooner than the old plan.

The Adult touring plans have already been updated. We expect to finish the updates to all the plans (short and detailed) over the weekend.

WDW Package discount coming August 14 for September-December travel?

by on August 5, 2008

Like Marvin Gaye, we heard this through the grapevine:

General public WDW discount coming Aug 14. Travel 9/24 – 12/23. Must buy room and tickets, and it’s a discount on the room.

While that’s the sum total of what we know, we expect a Disney Visa cardholder discount to come out a couple of days before that. The usual disclaimers apply.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas DVC available to non-DVC resort guests at end of August

by on August 5, 2008

Word on the street is that the new Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas DVC rooms will be available for resort guest bookings around the end of August, for stays starting in May 2009. So even if you don’t have a DVC membership, you’ll be able to book a room there soon.

While that’s welcome news, and the AKL Villas look fabulous, we can’t wait to hear what the next DVC project will be (*cough* Contemporary *cough*)! We have no idea what Disney has up its sleeve (*cough* Sixteen stories! Right next to the Magic Kingdom *cough*). Oh Disney, why must you always keep us in the dark?

Want to know what each Item in the Disney Dining Plan is worth? Read on!

by on August 4, 2008

We hope to heaven that this prompts some discussion.

Disney’s dining plans offer a wide mix of choices: counter-service meals, table-service meals (some with appetizer), snacks, refillable mugs, and free arcade play. But to figure out whether the plan makes sense, you need to know what each item is worth. That’s hard to do, because the plans vary so much that an apples-to-apples comparison is difficult to figure out.

Never fear! Using Excel’s Solver add-in, we calculated the value of each item in Disney’s new Quick Service dining plan, as well as the standard and Deluxe Dining Plans for 2009. Assuming the Deluxe plan includes 2 table-service meals with appetizers and 1 counter-service meal, here are the results:

Counter-service meal = $10.08
Table-service meal = $25.44
Snack = $2.53
Refillable mug = $4.48
Appetizers = $2.98
30 minutes of arcade time = $0.30

(Remember, this is what we think Disney thinks these are worth. These are not retail prices.)

Excel produces strange results when we assume 3 table-service meals and 3 appetizers. That could be the way we set up the equations, or it could mean that Disney also assumed you’d be eating one counter-service meal per day.

Hall of Presidents will close through early 2009

by on August 3, 2008

Likely because the show will be redone for the new President, once elected, the Hall of Presidents will be closed from November 1st with the current schedule listing it shuttered until the end of February. That’s where the schedule ends, so it may be longer or shorter.

Why not show Fantasmic?

by on August 3, 2008

If you haven’t heard the news, Fantasmic has been trimmed to showing on only 2 days each week for the month of January. Recent rumors indicate that this new schedule is the result of Disney’s hopes for the new American Idol experience attraction. They seem to beleive the nightly finale with live park guests karaoke will be a bigger lure then Mickey Mouse with pyrotechnics coming out of his fingers.

New ticket prices!!!!!!!

by on August 1, 2008

Water park option is $50

Park hopping option is $50

Parking raised to $12

Base MYW passes
1-day pass = $75
2-day pass = $149
3-day pass = $212
4-day pass = $219
5-day pass = $222
6-day pass = $225
7-day pass = $228
8-day pass = $231
9-day pass = $234
10-day pass = $237

No expiration options, : $17 (2 day), $23 (3-day), $50, $70, $80, $110, $145, $170, $200 (10-day).