Using The Calendar To Plan For Summer 2009

by on January 24, 2009

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One of the main reasons that readers use our crowd calendar is to plan in advance for dining reservations. To do this, many rely on our recommended park(s) column from the calendar. The parks that we recommended for a given day are determined by a complicated algorithm that takes into account all sorts of data factors. One of the most important factors is the park hours and extra magic hours schedule that Disney publishes on their website. Usually, Disney’s website publishes their park hours 7 months in advance, giving us lots of time to calculate our best park recommendations and giving our readers lots of time to plan. Since we are still waiting for Disney to publish their hours for May there is a significant chance that our calendar will change when they finally do.

If you are using the calendar to plan for your trip beginning in May 2009 or later be aware that our best park recommendations may change when Disney posts their park hours and extra magic hours schedule.

Our predictions for Disney’s future schedule are usually pretty good but Disney’s recent delay in posting May hours combined with the lagging economy add a certain level of uncertainly that we all should be aware of when making our plans.

In our humble opinion however, the value of getting the dining reservations you want is much greater than the value of choosing the correct park to visit on a given day. In other words, if it were us, we’d plan in advance and get the dining reservation we want and take our chances with the park schedule. A good touring plan will work wonders no matter what day you choose to visit a park.

Posted on January 24, 2009
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