I’m Going to Disney World!

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So what is this exciting news? I’m going to Disney World! April 30th I leave New Jersey for a 10 day, jam packed trip to one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people. I’ve never stayed this long so I can hardly wait to start our adventures and hopefully actually have some time to relax for a change. In my next few blogs I’ll discuss our plans for the trip and hopefully provide some advice to help you plan your own WDW excursion.

Well, first of all let me introduce you to the crew on this adventure. First of all there’s me, of course. I tend to travel with fellow Disney geeks and this trip is no exception. Then we have Julie, my fellow Unofficial Guide researcher and dear, dear friend. Julie’s from North Carolina and I’ve been taking all of my WDW trips with her since we met on the 2006 UG research trip. And last, but not least there’s Tom who travels across the pond from the UK to tour with two crazy Americans. Since we’ll be attending some festivities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios we’ll get to see several of our other Disney dork friends too!

We have tons of activities planned for those 10 days most of which will probably featured in my blog over the next several months. I’m particularly excited that we’re going to hit both of the water parks since I’ve never been to either of them. We’ll be checking out as many night time hot spots we can and, of course, eating in several restaurants including Sanaa which is opening at Animal Kingdom Lodge while we’re there. In the name of research we’ll be drinking around the world at Epcot’s World Showcase split into two days (my post-college 5’1” body can’t handle it all in one shot). These are just a few examples of all of the fun things we have planned!

Next week I’ll give a 20-something perspective to picking a WDW resort and let you know where we’ll be staying this time….

Posted on April 6, 2009

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  • Sounds awesome, Kristen! Eager to hear what Sanaa sounds like — you should definitely write that one up. And yeah, please let us know where you end up staying. For 10 days, do you split it up?

  • A Jersey Girl! Can’t wait to hear more about this upcoming trip, sounds exciting. Hope you avoid the crowds. My daughter (another Jersey girl!) is a CPCM and she told me that Magic Kingdom closed for the day today because it maxed out on attendance. Wait at Tower has been around 60 minutes all day. Looking forward to your next entry.

  • How exciting to see that people actually read my ramblings! I can’t believe MK is closed today I guess spring break time and the 4 for 3 deal is in full swing. Where in NJ!? I always get excited to meet fellow Jersey dwelling Disney fanatics.

    As for next week all I’ll say is when you work for Len you get used to resort hopping 🙂

    • Yeah, that MK is closed today is pretty crazy. Obviously, we can thus declare that the recession is over. Or at least bug Fred about its weighting in the Crowd Calendar 🙂

    • Kristen, where from Jackson, NJ home of Six Flags. My daughter is Courtney and she’s a CM at Tower. She texts me on her breaks to give me crowd updates. The whole family is going down in two weeks to see her and celebrate my youngest daughters 11th birthday. Then were back in August for two weeks with free dining. If your at the Tower on your trip and see a CM named Courtney give her a big Jersey hi!

      • Very cool. I live in Glen Ridge which very few people have heard of so I tell them I live right on the border of Montclair and then they know where I’m talking about. I’ll be on the look out for your daughter for sure. Have a great trip with your family!

  • howdy! have fun,let us know how the flower & garden festival is going. thanks, susan

  • Too cool – now I have something else to read. I am desperately trying to hang in there until our trip over Mem. Day. I haven’t been there in almost 30 years! All that was there was the Magic Kingdom. I’m a little scared to hear they closed with maxed out attendance. Let’s hope the wonderful touring plans work for us over Memorial Day! I’ll eagerly be reading your future reports!

  • Now I look like a dork. I meant to type “scared to HEAR” not here. Duh. Too excited to spell….. very sad.

  • Hey there, I am also from NJ and heading to my most favorite place…for a convention (yeah right!!) the same time as you (well you actually have a 6 day head start) but that’s ok. Maybe we will be on the same plane coming home…

  • I am happy for you!. My family is going for 10 days over fourth of July (nuts right). it was the only time we could all get off work at the same time! We have tradition in my family to go the summer before a kid starts Kindergarden as kind of an initiation. My 70 year old mom is going with us as well as some other family. i can’t wait to hear how your 10 days go with friends!

    • I took Hannie last July and the July before that. The heat was incredible. Dress in light-color clothes, wear sunscreen and hats, and hydrate! I’d also suggest a nap back at the hotel during the hottest part of the day. With 10 days you’ll have plenty of time, and the sun won’t wear you out as much. Good luck!

    • by Kristen Helmstetter on April 9, 2009, at 9:45 am EST

      Thanks! Your trip sounds like tons of fun with the whole family.

      And to everyone else thanks so much for reading the blog! Its been so nice to get feedback. Stay tuned to many more details about the upcoming trip!

  • We are going to be down there when you go too 🙂 i can’t wait either. Have fun at the waterparks! can’t wait to hear about what you did!