New Star Wars Weekends Touring Plans Available

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We’ve added two new Star Wars Weekends touring plans to the site.  One focuses on events, shows and character encounters for parents with small children.  The other is geared to adults who are looking to get celebrity autographs and are willing to arrive very early to the park and wait in line.  (For those reasons we don’t include celebrity autographs in the touring plan for parents with small children.)  We’re also contemplating adult touring plans that focus on merchandise and events; let us know if you’re interested.

Many thanks to Matt Hochberg for the plan details.  Read more of Matt’s Star Wars Weekends coverage here.

Update: The Disney Blog has the guest celebrities list for Star Wars Weekends

Posted on April 7, 2009

9 Responses to “New Star Wars Weekends Touring Plans Available”

  • OK sorry for the noob question here… but is SWW mainly attended by hardcore Disney AND Star Wars geeks, primarily the latter, or none-of-the-above? Does it appeal to the average Disney folk who is only a casual fan of SWW (ie, has only seen Empire, say, 20-30 times?)

  • We will be there Sunday May 24th – trying to do our DHS day with two boys 6 and 9. We really, really like Star Wars, but aren’t psycho about it. I invite anyone who wants to check out my customized touring plan to do so – and tell me what you think! We are skipping some of the park headliners – more interested in the Toy Story Ride. Doing Indy show instead of car stunt show, etc. The plan is title The Baggies hit Disney Hollywood Studios. I’d love some suggestions of other things to add, things to rearrange, etc. I just tried to adapt the plan in the book, skipping girly stuff and scary stuff. I think there is a place to “rate the plan” in the tour plan section. I would love feedback from the experts!!!!!!!!

    • Toy Story Mania is a great ride but so popular. Just be careful during SWW, it is so busy and fastpasses for your ride go quickly!!! I have 4 kids and my 6 yr old loves TSM, he will wait in a 60 min line for it-that was the wait during the Annaul passholder preview 5/08. He wanted to go again a few weeks ago and the lines were the worst I’ve seen. The fastpass line was back to the little mermaird and the wait time was 90 min at 9:15am!!!I would say have 1 person in your party take the passes to get fastpasses while the rest get into the line, you will want to ride again- it’s addictive!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!1

      • Thanks! Yes – that is the first ride we plan to do!!!!! We are excited!

      • I was wondering how bad the crowds are during the SW weekends. We have planned to go to the studios on a Sunday due to the only day I could get play and dine reservations at H&V. We don’t plan to do any Star Wars activities, but I’m very scared of the crowds for that day. (june 7th).
        Thanks for any advice, We plan to use the touring plan for small children.

  • I’m trying to find some info about SW 2010…anything forth coming? Mostly I’d like to know which day tends to be busier, Saturday or Sunday? I see that Sunday at HS is generally the busier of the weekend days, but does that change on SW weekend?

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