One of the great things about traveling as a 20-something is traveling with good friends. Even better is splitting the hotel fees! When selecting a resort you have to ask yourself what you can afford and what you really need from the accommodations during your stay. A lot of times we just go for the cheapest option, allowing us to make multiple WDW trips per year. Plus, we usually are up and at ‘em early in the morning and down return to our room until the wee hours so it doesn’t make sense for us pay for fancy accommodations. But our little posse has grown this year and now we have to consider where we can get a room that will comfortably fit three adults or get a second room. Having three of us to split the bill has allowed us to stay at some deluxe resorts all in one room. So with all of that in mind, where did we decide to stay this time?

Since this upcoming trip is going to be so long we decided to split it up among a value resort and a deluxe resort. The plot gets a bit confusing, but try to stay with me. The first three nights we’re stay at Pop Century with another friend of ours, Don. The next three nights we’re going to enjoy some Pacific Northwest atmosphere at the Wilderness Lodge. Then, Julie has to leave us and Tom and I will head back to Pop since there will only be two of us.

We decided to get two rooms at Pop the first few nights because with Disney’s Hollywood Studios 20th anniversary festivities we’ll only been in the room to sleep and we had a fourth friend so share the second room. Since we can make use of either annual pass or UK resident discounts (thanks, Tom!) we decided to splurge on the Wilderness Lodge for a few nights. We were able to book a bunk bed room since WL doesn’t offer a day bed. This is one of Julie’s favorites, but Tom and I have never stayed here before (just got harassed by the CMs at Whispering Canyon Café). We’ll probably spend a lot of time in the Magic Kingdom during this stay since we’ll have access to the Lodge’s boat. And since Julie is leaving us Tom and I decided to cheap out and go back to Pop after she takes off.

I hope our plans might give you some ideas for your own upcoming trip! Be sure to weigh all of the options for your group and get the best deal you can. Good luck and happy travels!

Next week: To rent a car or not to rent a car, that is the question.


  1. We’re crazy about deciding where to stay. There are about 8 million emails between us on the subject!

    I’m not capable of packing light even though I always try really, really hard.

  2. hehe that must be the problem. i just figured it was a girl thing, but perhaps the Jersey thing only makes it worse

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