Piggy Bank Adventure coming soon

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The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is preparing to open in Innoventions West. The sign for the mini-attraction is now visible over the construction walls.

Posted on May 10, 2009

2 Responses to “Piggy Bank Adventure coming soon”

  • Toured Epcot 5/14. They had a “soft” opening for the Great Piggy Bank Adventure. We’re a family of 4 – they filmed us as we went thru the interactive computerized saving and investment “game”. The filming was for training purposes. The graphics were good and the game was good, but it left a little to be desired as far as actually teaching the kids about saving. The hardest part was the actual piggy bank that you move from station to station had to be “locked” up, and then at the end it disappeared behind the door. Let’s just say the 3 yr. old opened the door to look for the lost piggy but couldn’t find him. luckily she decided not to have a tantrum about it – that would’ve been lovely on film! They need to maybe give out a small piggy bank or at least a sticker after the big piggy bank is gone. There is a website with the piggy that you sign up for but we haven’t gotten the email about it yet.

  • Our family of 8 was at the Piggy Bank Adventure opening and was unimpressed as well. With kids ages 8 and 5 the games are so tall that the 5 year olds couldn’t see the game or read the directions. The process was confusing as to which game to move to next. The worst part is that it wasn’t loud enough (which is unusual for Disney) we couldn’t hear the directions for the game and if you missed the written instructions you could be totally lost. My girls were also confused as to why that walked out with nothing to show for their “investment” and no one in our party made enough money to achieve their goal which was also disappointing for an “educational game”. Rate it a 1 out of 5.