WDW Today Episode 574 – Counter Service Values

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Posted on June 5, 2009

11 Responses to “WDW Today Episode 574 – Counter Service Values”

  • I was surprised to hear of the unanimous vote for Peco’s Bills cafe and no mention for Columbia Harbor House (CHH). For our upcoming trip I had us penciled in for Cosmic Rays and CHH. Think I’ll erase Ray and write in Bill instead. Also, we ate at Studio Catering in April and were very happy with portion size and quality. Think it got a bad wrap on your show. Although the rice and beans was very bland. Might have to reconsider doing a picnic in the park based on your feedback as well.

  • The upstairs seating area of CHH makes it all worthwhile. It never seems really crowded and sitting by a window and watching the parade below is a treat. Location location location.

    • True about the seating area at CHH. I’m just not a fan of the entire menu. That being said, I’m all for diversity in the MK’s counter-service dining scene and I’m happy to support the location. Actually, they’ve got vinegar with their fries, so that’s a plus for me.

  • Cosmic Rays was incredibly crowded last time we were there (late June 07). And I totally forgot about the three different counters so we stumbled into the burger lineup and thought, oh, I guess that’s all they have (shrug) when we had really been aiming for wraps or something from another counter. So we felt a bit stoopid afterward. Also, our whole fambly finds the singing alien a bit annoying when we would rather relax and rest in between ride hopping.

    Columbia Harbor House is a great and quiet place to relax, especially the upstairs.

    We also like the Noodle Terrace, and since we’re always there in the summer it’s always open.

    At AK we really liked the salad w. chicken from Flame Tree. Eating it by the lake overlooking Mount Everest is very pleasant. We found Pizzafari very ho-hum.

    Any counter service we’ve ever had at Studios has been barely adequate. We haven’t tried Starring Rolls yet but it sounds promising. Do they have a lot of seating? Indoors our outdoors?

    • Hey Josh,

      Starring Rolls has a limited amount of outdoor seating. It’s got umbrellas for most (if not each of the) tables, though, so the sun will not be beating down on you.

  • I have a question about special dietary needs and counter service. My family never ate at counter service due to special needs (diabetic) before but are contimplating the dinig plan with counter service as the deluxe plan is too much food for any human to consume. Does anyone know about special odrers for counter service?

  • Hi Cathy – there is another website that actually addresses those with special dietary needs at Disney and how to handle them – I just don’t know if I’m allowed to mention the website!!! LOL (sorry Len – you know what website I’m referring to so if it’s allowed, go for it! I don’t want to get in trouble LOL)

  • We ate at Cosmic Ray’s near the end of our visit — I think May 28th. We went into the chicken line and it was pretty yucky. Husband got a grilled chicken sandwich and said it was like chewing a shoe. We enjoyed the alien entertainment, however! Food was just kind of gross.

    I know it would be an unlikely marriage of two mega-powers, but I often thought how nice it would be to go into a McDonalds or Chick-fil-A. Ate least my sons would have consumed some protein on our trip! (Nuggets at Disney are “weird.” Mac and cheese at Disney tastes “funny.” AAArrrgghhh!)


  • My family ate at Cosmic Rays First week of May/09.
    Food was mediocre at best. Cost the 3 of us over $30
    for hot dogs and fries. Place was absolutely crowded, reminded me of my dorm days.

    Also ate @ Flame Tree BBQ @ AL. Food was BETTER and
    location was peaceful and quiet. Price was pretty close
    to what we paid @ Cosmic Rays and my husband had ribs!

  • We loved the Tangierine Cafe on our last visit, so much we ate there twice, and btw, they have free refills on soft drinks. I don’t think they advertise it, but when my wife went up to ask, they didn’t just refill her cup, but gave her a whole new one, free of charge. Pretty nice.

  • The staff at Tangierine Cafe was especially nice to us, too, and every one of them had a huge smile on their face!. I think they were the best restaurant, in terms of service, of all of the counter service restaurants we ate at during our visit! I was so impressed when they offered to help me carry my food out to a table…I don’t think this thought ever occurred to a CM at any other CS restaurant! I wouldn’t think they officially have free refills (since the fountain is behind the counter), but the staff was just so friendly, I can envision them doing this! My 4 1/2 year old son said “Mom, this is the best chicken I have ever had!” when we ate there!