Disney has posted some of its schedule for September. We’ve updated our crowd calendar to reflect what they’ve posted but it is missing a lot of information. Park Hours for Disney’s Hollywood Studios and some parade information is still left out for some reason. As they add more of the information, we’ll update the calendar again.


  1. Ask one of your Disney travel agent friends to pull the September WDW Park hours PDF from the travel agent site – it has hours for all parks for the month of september.

    Email me if you need it.

  2. Hi Fred,
    I’m following your predictions for the week of Oct. 10-17, and I noticed that the number for Friday, October 16 went up again to 8. What’s going on that day? The surrounding days are lower, between 4 and 6.


  3. I have been here for almost two weeks and the crowds have been rather light. I think this has been because of the monsoons which cause storms every afternoon. My advice is to rough out the storms which will close some of the attractions for about an hour so and go inside to places like the Tiki room. If you can make it through. it is well worth the wait for the rains to abate. Temps go down and so do the people. Coming from Colorado I know for a fact that during a thunder storm, never ever go outside. My uncle has been hit 3 times and I have been close enough to be burned 2 times by lightening, Be mindful.
    Cheers. Dace

      • I’ve Twitter-ed with TouringPlans about this…not sure who monitors that handle, so sorry if we’ve already discussed this.

        Anyway, yes, it is a trend for Friday that time of year, but every other Friday with an 8 PM closes has a 8-11PM EMH. That week the calendar has the PM EMH on Wednesday.

        It seems very odd that on the opening night of a popular festival (which is designed to attract people and get them to spend money), Disney would close the park early.

        Which is my way of saying I think that this is a mistake. I suspect the the calendar will be corrected and have an 8 PM close on Wednesday, with a PM EMH, and Friday the 25th the hours will be corrected to be a 9 PM close

        • Looks like this error has been corrected….the 25th now has a 9 PM close.

          Has the crowd calendar model been run again since this change was made? I haven’t been paying close attention to other parks, so I can’t tell if anything else has been tinkered with.

  4. Do you think the free dining offer in September will effect crowds at all? We are planning a trip for Sept 25th- Oct 4th. Right now crowds are 4s and 5s. I hope they stay that way!!

    • Hey Jillian, Free Dining should already be factored in to the crowd calendar. For last year’s numbers, for example, we thought the absolute maximum that FD could affect crowds was 10-15%. Might be slightly more this year, but I don’t think much.

    • Hi Jillian-
      Just got back from Disney on Saturday. While reservations were heavy at the popular retaurants, the park traffic was manageable. I followed the crowd calendar, and stayed away from non-recommended parks on certain days but took advantage of EMH to hit some popular rides. But still, even during the day, the wait at most rides was 5-10 minutes, and the fantasyland rides at MK only 20-30 minutes at peak. Dumbo and Philharmagic were only 5 minutes! Get fast passes for Pooh and Peter Pan, and u should be good. Same for Toy Story, Soarin’ and Splash Mountain, but they were only 20 minute waits, as was Aeorsmith. Nothing else, and I mean nothing was more than 10 minutes. Not Everest, not test track, not nemo, nor buzz lightyear.
      Bring ponchos as it stormed 3 of the 7 days, and it was HOT! But VERY FUN!

  5. My family and I are going to stay at Fort Wilderness in our fifth wheel from Sep 17 through Sep 26 and I am trying to plan our days, and meals at the parks using the crowd calender, however I’ don’t see anything about the water parks and Downtown Disney? How should I plan this in my schedule?

    • Hey Jim,

      Water parks are less crowded on weekends, more on weekdays (especially Thursdays). DTD is good anytime. My hunch is that it might be more crowded on weekends, but that’s just a guess.

  6. After looking Studios Fantasmic schedule for the week of Sept27th, the only day so far is Tue 29th is a fantasmic day. Since Oct starts on that Thursday, the rest of the week’s fantasmic schedule is yet to be posted. What is the trend for the rest off week when the first fantasmic is on a Tuesday?

  7. Hi! Is there an event happening on September 10th that makes the crowd level go to 7 on a Wednesday? We are there Sept 9-13 and wondering if MK should definitely be avoided on that day. Thanks!

  8. Are the days Fantasmic is showing factored into the crowd calendar for DS now? Wondering – as you have DS as a best park choice on Oct. 11, a Sunday, and saw a trend where in some months Sunday is one of two Fantasmic nights. Was thinking that might change to a neutral or negative.

  9. I’m a bit perplexed by the best day recomendations of MK for 9/27 and of EP on 9/30, both have EMH evenings on those days, as well as the avoid park of EP on 9/29 which has EMH both the day before and the day after. For some reason Disney has broken their EMH trends this last week in September, certainly Food & Wine is part of the reason, but its making planning for this week really difficult.

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