Thanks to Sue Pisaturo from Small World Vacations for this information.

Sue notes that some folks are finding these codes can be more cost-effective than free dining at the more expensive resorts.

These are the general public codes booking through August 8, 2009 for travel August 9-October 3, 2009 (Subject to availability)

Room only – TDU
Club level room only – JXR
MYW base – EQS
MWY + quick dine – RBS
MYW + Dine – GBN
MYW + Dlx dine – JXP

Disney Visa Codes
Room only: EQT
Basic Dine:  UZE
Counter Dine: JXQ
Deluxe Dine:  EQV


  1. OK, I think I figured it out. The difference between booking using free dining and using the room discount codes comes out to $17.03 per day per person for my trip in late August. I don’t think we can eat for less than that on our own unless we never ate at a sit down meal and we always packed our own lunches. Based on this I’m sticking with the Free Dining.

  2. Hmmm… Not much of a discount, is it? I could see a savings over Free Dining for a small party (1-3 people) at a deluxe resort, but for my family of 5, this doesn’t come close.
    I’ll take this as a positive sign that crowds will be low the first week in September…

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