Disney recently debuted a new service in its water parks. The new service is a collection of special areas in the parks that provide guests with a VIP experience in the water parks. They are the Beachcomber Shacks in Typhoon Lagoon and the Polar Patios in Blizzard Beach. Your rental of these areas is good for one day in the water parks. Admission to the water parks is required, and admission cost is in addition to the cost of the VIP area. Currently, single-day, adult admission to a water park is $45 plus tax.

Below are the details of the VIP areas:

Price: $250 + tax

Amenities included:

  1. Personal Attendant (read: waiter)
  2. Cushioned furniture
  3. All-day refillable drink mug
  4. Two bottles of water per person
  5. Personal locker
  6. Rental towels
  7. Cooler with ice

After 2pm, if there is availability, you can rent a VIP area for $150 + tax.

The VIP areas can hold a maximum of six people each.

Here is what one of the Typhoon Lagoon Beachcomber Shacks look like. Incidentally, the location of this particular shack was one of our “best spots” in Typhoon Lagoon–namely, the “Wave Pool Spot.”

Beachcomber Shack

Here are some ofย  the Polar Patios at Blizzard Beach.

Polar Patio

And here’s the menu you can order from.

Beachcomber Menu


  1. $250 and it does not include admission, or any food? Outside of wanting to impress people to inflate your ego I have no idea what the benefit of these are.

  2. bobaloo000, I think the main benefit is having a reserved spot without having to get there as the park opens to stake out your spot/chairs.

  3. Just wondered if this means the wave pool spot no longer exists for us mere mortals? Or can other guests still head for the area?

  4. OMG, I’m getting a little disenchanted with them continually selling off their prime parcels of land for private parties, etc. In short order, an admission ticket will get you as far as the hub, with any extra lands available as “add-ons.”

    • We just booked this for July 2011 – after pricing out the towels x6 lockers and 6 refillable mugs and service – I think the balance is a great value for the coverage. I do not think it is vegas – ing the theme parks. Just giving more options. When the stripper cards arrive – then it will be like vegas, plus in vegas – you’ll blow through that $$$ in an hour – why not put it towards lasting memories and comfort

  5. As Michael Corleone told his brother: “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.”

  6. Just booked a shack for August, I was told we have to be there within a half hour of park opening or the shack would be forfeited. So you still have to get your butt there early to get you seat. I will be a huge benefit to have several chairs together in the shade.

  7. Does this price include gratuity, or will we need to handle that on our own??? How much would you tip your “cabana boy” for something like this??

    • Hey Missy,

      No, that price doesn’t include gratuity. I’m not sure what you would tip in this situation. We are not sure if you have a dedicated attendant for your “shack” or if there is a staff amongst all of them. You may just tip them when they get your food.

    • I rented one at Typhoon Lagoon last October (2010) and have reserved one for this October (2011) Your attendant is not allowed to accept a gratuity. Our attendant was only too happy to fetch us food and dry towels, you can use your ddp for food and snacks. I also rented one at Blizzard Beach but was not happy at all with the quality, you only get an parasol for shade and as it is in the middle of the areas none of the chairs are actually in the shade. It was also on the main thoroughfare through the park and I felt a little like an animal in a zoo with people gawping as they walked past. They were also both cheaper last October, they had an out of season price. As I said this year we have reserved one at Typhoon Lagoon but are giving Blizzard Beach a miss. I have rented a Premium Cabana ( Which is on a private Island< did this last year also ) at Aquatica for 2 days for less money than 1 day at the Disney Water Parks.

  8. We just rented one of these this past week while at Typhoon Lagoon. The personal attendant will get your drinks, food, towels, whatever you need and he IS NOT allowed to take tips. You would only tip the bartender on your bar tab if you have one. The major benifit for us was my 17 month old who was able to nap in the shade and my 5 yr old who was able to eat and relax out of the sun. Well worth the 250 in my opinion and would do it again in a minute.

  9. SO, are the polar patios now located in any of the best spots in BB? We are going in July & are planning on utilizing the “best spots”.

  10. We rented a polar patio last june and it was the best $250 we spent at Disney World. We didn’t have to wait in line to get our food and it was great meeting place. I don’t like the rides and it was nice to have a place to read at. We won’t do a waterpark without the cabana now. EXCELLENT!!! We are going back in July and will reserve another one for this trip!!!

      • I am going with a group of 10 4 of them children under 10 – was thinking about renting one for the adults to retreat to. Will it work for this?

  11. We are getting one next week with another family. The Dads will be out rising with the two kids and the wives will have spots to read and relax. The idea of shade and not fighting for seats and food sold me. We save all year for this trip and when we go we want to do whatever we want. Some people get new cars all the time, we go to dinsey and make memories and drive old cars.

  12. Just as an FYI – I just booked for April 5th 2012 and the price with tax was $319.50. So they either a) upped the rate b) upped it for the busy season or c) tax is 28%! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Premium Spaces are now $300.00. All day water and towels, Refillable Mugs, Locker, Cooler with ice and an Attendant. This price covers the first 6 members of the party, a $25 fee will be charged for guests 7-10. 10 guests max.

  14. Has any one rented these recently? I’m thinking about renting one for our upcoming trip beginning of March. Just curious on the price.

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