In an apparent initiative to give the character-lovers more of what they want, Disney is proactively installing more full blown meet-n-greet locations in the parks. A recently opened Snow White meet-n-greet at Epcot’s Germany pavilion provides a scenic backdrop for photos, and in the future a full Buzz Lightyear location will open at the Magic Kingdom as well as a yet-unspecified-chacter’s location at Dinoland USA in Animal Kingdom.


  1. I really disagree with the necessity of including character greeting areas in the World Showcase. If I wanted to see characters, I would go to Magic Kingdom. The World Showcase is meant to highlight the people and cultures of its member nations, not be an advertisement.

    Where is this located in Germany? I can’t imagine there is enough room in the already-crowded platz.

    • I would have to agree with Rich T. I go to World Showcase to see the World not characters. The Showcase tends to be crowded enough without the addition of people in search of characters.

  2. I support Disney making more meet and greet areas and making it easier for a photo op without having to pay an outrageous amount for a character meal. I think the World Showcase meet and greets are subtle and don’t take away from the theme of the World Showcase. P.S.-I love Snow White!

    • I always enjoy impromptu meet and greets vs. the static meet and greets like at Future World in Epcot and Mickey’s “Judgment Tent” (that’s for you, Len!) in Toontown. The surprise meet-and-greets are nice little pick-me-ups in your day. The static meet-and-greets are just one more pre-planned wait in the day (and no FPs to speed things up, either).

  3. Meet and Greets are fine by me. At my age I’m not there to see characters, either, but I choose to not let it bother me that children can get their autograph fix almost anywhere in any of the four parks. I think Disney does a wonderful job of both static and impromptu character greetings. Anything to make it a bit easier on the friends of those wonderful characters in the Florida heat!

  4. I think it’s a nice idea. The greetings in World showcase keep even the youngest visitors something to look forward too. And if they are out of the way – people can avoid them if they don’t want to stop.

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