Sum of all Thrills still in the works..

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In case you forgot, Epcot will be opening a new attraction this fall called The Sum of All Thrills in Innoventions which is said to be a robocoaster simulator. If it’s everything the press releases have promised, it will be the most extensive attraction Innoventions has housed to date. The latest work permits for the site include the installation of the marquee – typically one of the final steps before the refurbishment walls come down.

Posted on August 3, 2009

7 Responses to “Sum of all Thrills still in the works..”

  • Oooh, sounds like something to check out! I’ll be down at WDW during the last week of September. Might it be open by then??

  • Sum of All Thrills will not open “officially” until mid-October, although it may open in early October as part of Disney’s “soft opening” process.

  • I’m a Raytheon employee, and have been trying to find out if there will be a soft opening while I’m there at the end of September. They have told us there will be some special employee offerings and discounts to go visit this attraction, but nothing has been announced yet. I got to see some of the proposal and planning work done for this project, and I really want to get a peak at the real thing. I don’t know if I’ll get a response from Corporate, but if nothing else, it will be open when I visit in January!

  • Once “Sum of all Thrills” is open does is it automatically added to the Touring Plans, or do I need to do it? We are going in December and I have a membership.

  • I have been on The Sum Of All Thrills 😉 I went on it for my class field trip October 16th. Once you get the the front of the line,they give you a card, they give you a number, mine was 7, and when you go in the room they let you in, you stand on your given number, and they play a video(if you’ve gone on test track, it’s a room like that, where they tell you all about it) Then the doors open, theres your numbers on the ground, you go tp the desk where your numbers are at, you select how many people(you can have 2 people in each simulator) it’s a touch screen, and you design ur own coaster(leaving out details) then..the fun begins 😀 you put your bags in lockers(if you have bags) and they swip ur card and u step onto the simulator and your coaster starts!

    • Great, thanks for the update, Carrina!

      • It’s alot alot alot alot of fun! My coaster has 3 loops, the simulator doesn’t go all the way(flipping) it goes up, but you think your looping, you have a screen in front of you, and it’s a virtual video of the coaster you created, and you can see(if you have a buddie on the other side) their face in the upper right corner.