WDW Today Episode 602 – Len’s Bus(y) Birthday

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Posted on August 10, 2009

3 Responses to “WDW Today Episode 602 – Len’s Bus(y) Birthday”

  • Not only will I always rent a car—I will *always* drive it *everywhere*. Even to the Magic Kingdom. The sole exception? If I plan to have a second drink with dinner, I’ll let Disney (or a cab) do the driving.

    Our most recent onsite stay was Feb ’09 at OKW. We took the buses to MK and EP in the evenings (grey goose!). The MK morning buses were okay. But, the two days we went back in the late afternoon, we waited >35 minutes *both days*. The total trip time to MK was just over an hour each time. No thanks.

    Even though driving to MK takes about 40 minutes with the TTC, it’s 40 *predictable* minutes. I’d rather do that than wonder if the bus will be 20, or 60.

    • Hate, hate, *hate* WDW transportation at park closing. I used to take the bus to Magic Kingdom because it drops you right at the front gate, but it’s such a royal pain to catch a bus in the evening that it cancels out the front gate advantage.

      I’d much rather drive to every park, even MK. I guarantee I’m still getting from the tram to the TTC and from the TTC to my car a lot quicker than I’m catching the last chopper out of Saigon–er, I mean the bus back to the resort.

  • by Mark Mascolino on August 11, 2009, at 2:59 pm EST

    I’ve had good results at Port Orleans FQ. Single bus stop that is close to the room. Now a car is still your best bet for resort to resort transport…getting from the French Quarter to my coffee rubbed short ribs at Jiko would have been a pain any other way.