Quick Help Request For Parents With Child Ages 3-9 Annual Passes

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A reader has asked whether having a child ages 3 to 9 with an annual pass is sufficient to avoid paying parking charges at the theme parks. If you’ve got one, please check the Disney website to see if it lists free parking as a benefit, and post the results here. And if you’ve got the small paper brochure that comes with the ticket, even better. Thanks for the help!

Posted on September 5, 2009

5 Responses to “Quick Help Request For Parents With Child Ages 3-9 Annual Passes”

  • According to the Pass Guide, it does not state a difference in parking benefits between an Adult’s Annual Pass and a Child’s Annual Pass, and it does not exclude parking as it does for the Florida Resident Seasonal and Epcot After 4 passes.

  • I don’t think they print different pass guides for kids and adults. I find the parking on the passholder website also, as I do the hotel discounts. But, I know that I am not supposed to be able to book a hotel passholder discount with a child’s card (however, I have done it online before). I know it is not much of an answer, but, you can always try and see what happens. I’m not sure just how closely they look at that information when you pull up to the parking kiosk.

  • My grandson’s family has been parking for free on their 6 year olds annual pass for almost a year now. No problem.

  • I was a Vacation Planner at Magic Kingdom, and we told guests that even a child’s pass could cover parking. For example, a FL resident family could all get seasonal passes and one child could have an annual pass.