Website’s Disney Restaurant Reviews And Ratings Updated To 2010 Edition

by on September 11, 2009 20 Comments

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We’ve updated all of the website’s sit-down and counter-service restaurant reviews and ratings to match the 2010 edition’s content. Attraction reviews and ratings should be done this weekend.

Posted on September 11, 2009

20 Responses to “Website’s Disney Restaurant Reviews And Ratings Updated To 2010 Edition”

  • by [ this is jerry ] on September 11, 2009, at 10:02 am EST

    Hey Len,

    Victoria & Albert’s is still listed as participating in the dining plan (it does not).

  • Arrgh. I’ll get that fixed.

  • Sorry, but I don’t think Bistro de Paris participates in the dining plan either.

    • by Nancy Verrecchia on September 12, 2009, at 9:58 am EST

      Unless it’s recently changed, Bistro is a Signature Dining restaurant and uses 2 credits from the DDP–like Citricos’ and California Grill.

      • by Nancy Verrecchia on September 12, 2009, at 10:10 am EST

        Sorry–just checked the 2009 brochure. It’s not on the plan!

        • FYI, just because a restaurant isn’t listed in the brochure doesn’t automatically mean it isn’t a participant in the dining plan. Especially for restaurants that are not directly owned by Disney, they can’t be listed in the brochure as participating until all the T’s are crossed and i’s dotted, and sometimes that is after the brochure goes to press. My guess is that Bistro will continue to participate in the plan as it has in the past, but someone at the restaurant didn’t get the paperwork in on time. 🙂

  • When I go to look at the dining section it’s still showing the 2009 info. I have a premium subscription…am I missing something?

  • We’ll automatically switch to 2010 in October, when Disney announces the 2010 participation. And I’ll check on Bistro. Sorry about that.

  • Any reviews on the Grand Gathering meals eg. Good Morning Breakfast or Illuminations International Buffet?

  • Any chance of a breakdown between meals or is there that big of difference in surveys?

    • Hey Brent,

      Are you asking for a breakdown between lunch and dinner in the sit-down restaurants?

      • More so breakfast and lunch/dinner. Most of the lunch/dinner are similar enough.

        I’m higher on Ohana dinner than the breakfast. Opposite is true for Kona Cafe. I have differing opinions on Cape May, Tusker House as well.

  • Len, the Captain’s Grille is listed under the Swan in the chart. The actual review itself is correct and lists the YC.

    • Also, I noticed Sanaa has a null value for reader results. I just went to the survey page to see if Sanaa had been added for people to respond on it. It looks like the survey page only has spots for the theme park restaurants. Are you no longer collecting reader responses on resort restaurants?

    • Ah, thanks Rich. That’s an easy fix.

  • “Attraction reviews and ratings should be done this weekend.”

    We leave for WDW on Sept 25 – any idea when these reviews will be updated?

  • The review for T-rex says that Disney doesn’t take ADRs for it. I made one last week.

  • Just one single question though. Perhaps you have made composing this blog as your career or do you do this as part of your extra time? Just wondering..