WDW Today Episode 617 – Disney’s Marvelous Announcements

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Posted on September 14, 2009

2 Responses to “WDW Today Episode 617 – Disney’s Marvelous Announcements”

  • Not sure who it was that made the comment about Fantasyland being more for girls but I totally agree. I have a 7 yr old son who never liked the “traditional” rides (the kid refused to rid Dumbo, even when he was 4!) and of course doesn’t like princesses. We use Fantasyland as a cut-through to get to Toon Town, and that’s about it (except when I make the family ride Small World with me). I do hope that they keep some of the Toon Town attractions though – the over-the-top cartoonishness of it is what my family loves.

    My son is SUPER excited about the new Star Tours update though … but he’s leery that they’ll take away some of the things he loves about the current ride. We’ll have to see what happens there. 🙂

  • The imagineers have confirmed that Mickey’s ToonTown Fair will be going away completely.

    Also re: The Little Mermaid attraction being an “E” Ticket –
    This will be more of a Haunted Mansion or Pirates or Small World E ticket, rather than a Everest or Tower of Terror.
    E Ticket denotes scale, scope and immersiveness rather than thrill factor. The ride will be a massively themed omnimover attraction, like the Mansion or SSE, with many state-of-the-art AA figures. Hope this helps.