Updated: Disney’s Buy-4-Get-7 Available Now

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Word on the street is that Disney’s Buy-4-Get-7 deal is available now, if you ask for it specifically when speaking with a Disney agent. (We’re hearing the official announcement is still going to be later this week.)

As of 12:30 pm Eastern Monday, the offer was still available despite rumors Disney was pulling it until later in the week.

If you’ve managed to get something booked, post the details below please.

Travel dates are November 1, 2009 through December 24, 2009 and January 3, 2010 through March 27, 2010.

The deal is Buy-5-Get-2-Free at values and B-4-G-3-Free at mods and deluxes.

We’re told that tickets have to equal the number of nights of your stay, so annual passholders can’t buy one-day tickets. This may change, as we’ve not heard from an AP holder yet who has taken advantage of the deal.

Lots of this information is still unconfirmed. If you call today, post your results here, please.

Posted on September 28, 2009

81 Responses to “Updated: Disney’s Buy-4-Get-7 Available Now”

  • Len, do you know if the rumors that you have to buy a ticket for the length of your stay are true? Or is it still possible to buy a 1 day ticket if you’re an AP holder? Thanks!

  • by Kristen Helmstetter on September 28, 2009, at 9:28 am EST

    heya len just so you know you have moderates listed twice… its 5 for 2 at the values right?

  • It is available. I just called reservations. It doesn’t work for us because we are coming on the first but it is out there now.

  • Just called. Was told you need a minimum of a 5 day ticket.

  • I’m an AP holder, and I just booked the 4/7 pkg.

    AP holders must pay for the 4 day park tix (basic ticket, don’t need parkhopper, addons, or no exp. on it). As long as you don’t use any days of the ticket, you can use the credit toward an AP renewal.

  • so, if for example, you and your family (four total) are staying at a deluxe for 10 days, which is longer than the 7 (4/3), could it still be applied? last time I did it i didn’t have a package done already and we went for exactly 7 days so it wasn’t this confusing but hey if they’d give us 3 days of money back it’s totally worth asking. Thanks in advance!

  • I called this morning when I saw the first tweet, sadly it isn’t available for the May dates I’m looking at, but if we went in early March (on one of our alternate dates) we would save over $700 at a Mod.

    • I just called and changed my reservation and they said that nothing is offically posted but if you ask they will honor the 4/3 discount. I just saved about $1500 because we are coming March 6-13 staying at Wilderness Lodge woods view bunk bed. What a deal!

  • I booked a reservation for January @ the POFQ with this deal. Got off the phone with the cast member at about 10:30AM. Gift Card is not part of the deal.

    • Just got off the phone and booked 4/3 at Poly for January 11-18th. CM asked if I had a code and I said no-her reply was “no problem”.

  • We got the deal this morning. We were told when we booked it that it wasn’t officially out yet, but that we could book it since we mentioned the deal. We are NOT AP holders, but we mentioned that we might get them. We were told that if we wanted to do that, we could purchase an AP with the reservation and a 1 day ticket for the other person, or we could book 2 7 day tickets.

    We opted for the 2 7 day tickets for now, but it looks like it may be an option for someone hoping to purchase a new AP. Not sure how it would work for a current AP holder, though.

  • I’m glad I called when I did! I was able to change my January reservation to December and save over $400. Had to give up my standard view room at the WL and go with a courtyard view. I still can’t figure out how the pricing works though. When I tried to price it online I wasn’t coming up with the same number.

  • Is it correct to assume that you can book either the buy 4 get 3 free deal OR the free dining but not both?

  • Had reservations for POFQ in January for a 7 night package with 5 day tickets. Just called and requested the 4/3 deal. Upgraded to Wilderness Lodge for only $30 more than origional package price.

  • Wow I’m really surprised to see it running at the same time as free dining. A little worried how mnay mire people will book for our dates now.

  • Just booked Beach Club and saves around $1000. She had to go get the code but there were no problems.

  • I must have just gotten in. I booked it through MEI Mousfan Travel. 😛

  • I just got off the phone and booked our vacation from 01/30 – 02/06 at POFQ and had no problems booking the 4/3…but there were no standard rooms available at the WL – I was hoping to upgrade. Oh Well!

  • Have 4/3 deal at WL for Jan 3-10 and there were only 2 rooms available for those dates. Had a bit of a proble, but it got worked out. First CM had computer issues and second one said code did not work but he was able to somehow fix it and confirm for us. Said that when new deals come out it can be hard with so many people online at the same time.

  • I have Small World Vacations checking on date(s) for me in mid Jan 2010. Dawn S is telling me not all dates have been loaded into the res system and thay are continuting to update them.

  • While I haven’t booked this yet. I know it won’t save me any money. I had been planning a 4 night trip with my dad. Now I get to make it 7 days.

  • Hi, I was able to book the 5/2 for our February 2010 trip (2/10 – 2/17) at Pop Century. As you stated, I did have to ask specifically for the deal in order for the CM to apply it. My dates cover President’s Day, so there are currently no black out dates for that weekend. My trip also covers 3 different rate seasons and it looks like they averaged the price out when they gave me the 2 free nights. We saved over $300 (preferred room, 3 adults and 1 “disney adult”)

    Thanks for the updates, Len! 🙂

    • Just made a reservation for PO Riverside for President’s week on the 4/7 deal. Saved $720 over the rack rate on the website. No blackout that week yet.

  • How about this one? I want to stay 2 weeks and get the 4/3 deal twice. Does everyone have to buy a 4 day ticket for each week or can i just buy 1 4day ticket for my son and then buy 3- 10day tickets for the rest of my family? we originaly only wanted 10 park days and 4 resort days.

    • I used the 4 get 3 deal last March. We were going for 2 weeks for my daughter’s 16th birthday. I split the reservation into 2 one week, upgraded the tickets to 10 days for week one and 10 days no expiry for week 2. All in all the total cost for the split reservation was only 18 dollars more than the original price for the 2 week-10day parks. Using the no expiry tickets on this years trip! Call to find out as the no expiry cost covered the 10 days but only cost the price of the 4 days.

  • This is all well and good, but no one better book for the same week I’m gonna be in the park! Stay away the first week of December and we won’t have a problem.

  • by Kathleen Gillespie on September 28, 2009, at 2:58 pm EST

    I just changed my 6-day Feb. 2010 reservation at AKV to get this deal. I saved a lot of money on those two nights, even considering that I already had a 10% AAA discount for the room.

    Good news: I got the deal, though I had to change from a Jambo House 1BR savannah view to a Kidani Village 1BR savannah view to get it. Bad news: I could not add one more day and still get the deal, because they did not have 7 days at ANY 1 BR villa rooms at AKV, BCV, BV, or WLV for my dates. I think I could have gotten a 1BR at OKW or SS, but wasn’t interested in those options.

    Anyone know whether they’re considering extending the deal out into April or May 2010? I’d really rather go the 3rd week in April, when it is regular season instead of peak season, so the deal would be even better…

    Still, I’m pretty happy!

    • It might not be that there are no rooms available. The Disney reservation system is pretty smart. They don’t want to give their best rooms away. We found that out during last years promotion. We stayed at Bay Lake in Aug. When we called, they said nothing was available for full length of our desired stay. We started to play around online and discovered that we could get buy 4 get 6, or buy 5 get 8. Any 7 day period showed up as unavailable. We stayed 8 nights and payed for 5, checking in the opening day of Bay Lake. It was a little unadvertised stipulation for the more expensive rooms.

  • by Kathleen Gillespie on September 28, 2009, at 3:00 pm EST

    PS I meant 6 versus 7 nights, not days, of course. Sorry about the error.

  • I got a 1BR at Boardwalk Villas 2/5-12, total package $3,020.41. AAA discount price would have been $3,857.75 and total REAL price would have been closer to $4,500. Great savings! Booked around 12:15, didn’t need a code, just mentioned that I had heard about the new offer and the CM was happy to help me.

  • I tried to change my existing package at the Yatch Club on 11/28 – 12/5 to take advantage of this deal and the CM told me I couldn’t do it untill tomorrow because I was not a Disney Visa Cardholder. He said to call back tomorrow. Should I try to call again today and speak to someone else?

      • Thanks Len,
        I took your advise and it worked!

        • Woo hoo! How much did you save?

          Today was a good day.

          • First I want to say thank you Len for getting the word about this deal out early, I saw your post on another site and came here for the info. Your the BEST!

            I’ve changed my package twice, the first time was to get free dining – that saved me $636.79. When I changed it this time they couldn’t give me a standard view room for some reason so they upgraded me to a water view room and took off another $210.17. If you look at the rack rate I think I saved about $1,400.
            But I’m very confused, how could they not have a standard view room available when I already had one? Do you think they just wanted to charge me the extra $85 per night?

  • My wife and I already have 4 one day tickets from the last two times to WDW. Were AP’s and going again in November 4-12. Can we turn all of these unused tickets in toward next AP’s? They told me I couldn’t when I booked these trips. Just thought I would save them for sometime is the future, but if I can put them toward next years AP’s that would be great. If so , I’ll check on this trip to see how much I can save. By the way, you can’t find any of this on Disney On-Line Reservations. Due you have to call or is their system a little slow on picking it up?

  • I booked through AAA this summer for a mid-Jan. 2010 stay and they are telling me the discount is not available during MLK weekend for moderate resorts. Anyone had trouble with that yet?

  • I just called again and this time I was able to change my reservation. They had to upgrade my room to waterview but I was still able to save some money.

  • I just reserved the 4 nights/3 nights free package and while I was on the phone with the Disney reservationist he said the supervisor was handing out the special code for the 4 nights/3 nights free deal. He said they were doing a “soft opening”. He didn’t say when they would be making the official announcement but they will honor it if you ask for it.

  • I called this morning to book the deal but was told by the first CM I spoke to that there was no availability at POR. He then put me on hold but came back and said it was all worked out – and I accidentally disconnected the call! (Stupid touchscreen phone!) I immediately called back and the CM I spoke to said that they were having problems with the booking codes, but IT was working on it and to call back later or tomorrow. I called back about 30 minutes later (I’m not anxious or anything) and the CM I spoke to said they were still having issues, but he would try it and see what happened. He put me on hold for quite some time, but we did get everything booked: 8 nights at POR with park hoppers and the dining plan for $3310.25. Our original price for the same package was $4029.

  • I just answered my own question. I just got home from work and called disney. In order to take advantage of the 4/3 deal for 2 weeks, 2deals have to be bought and 2 sets of 4day tickets for everyone in the family. This amounts to twice as much money for tickets than what I should have to spend. It certainly cuts away at some of the savings.

  • I booked my November trip through a TA with the free dining offer. The TA is telling me that switching to the 4/7 deal will cost me more which doesn’t make sense with my calculations – even with having to pay for dining plan. Is there a calculator or some other way to find out what the savings are, or can I call WDW to have them check and bypass the TA?


    • It depends on how many people you have in your party and which dining plan you have. Our family of 7, which is going in December, reserved two rooms and upgraded from the free basic dining plan to the deluxe dining plan. I called WDW today to see whether we could get a better deal with the 4/7 than we already have with the free dining. It would cost us more to take advantage of the new offer. If we were just two adults traveling, it would have cost us less to switch. You could always call WDW just to compare your current cost with the new one.

  • I had already booked a 10-night stay in mid-January through Small World Vacations. I forwarded this post to my agent and she was able to apply it to my reservation. I saved over $950!

  • just changed an existing reservation at the poly for mar 6-12. i didn’t need any kind of code, and i actually have a buy 4, get 2, since i didn’t really want to change my dates of travel. i was able to keep garden view, club level, and renew my requests for 3rd floor. it’s saving me $1600. thank you!! love the blog!

  • At 7 PM, I changed my room-only res. at the Poly to the 4/7 deal, added base tickets and regular dining plan for a grand total of $3619! Staying Jan. 3-10, garden view.

  • I heard from a few people that they tried to get the Contemporary this afternoon and it was already sold out for Early Feb. Think more rooms will be added?

    I got mine – Wilderness Lodge – Saved over $1,100!

  • Thanks all for your help. Just booked our family stay at Polynesian for late Feb. The CM certainly was curious as to where I heard about the special offer, but gave me us the deal. Saved us over $1000. Would have passed on going this year without the offer.

  • Thank you Len for the heads up last week, I had time to run the numbers and was able to change a 10 day to a 4/3 with buy 4 get 3 free MYW tickets and keep 3day room only reservation at Fort Wilderness cabin..Saved about $1000 I’m hope to use an annual pass discount for those 3 room only. Thanks again Len you rock.

  • Thanks Len! We were just waiting to hear when this Buy 4/Get 3 deal was going to happen! We were able to book 7 nights at POR during Presidents Week. Then we spent several hours trying to get flights – and watched the fares go all over the place. We’re flying on Valentines Day and there were hardly any seats left, so we grabbed what we could. The CM did want to know specifically where we heard about the deal. Seems like they are tracking and looking for the leak!

  • Thanks for the information. I was able to book the 4/3 deal at a moderate with 7 day base tickets and regular dining plan for the last week in January around 6 pm Monday. I was not asked about how I knew about the deal. This deal convinced my husband to return in 2010 which was not the original plan. Many thanks for all you do!

  • I booked POR last night for 4 adults and 1 child, 1/3-1/9, so my deal is 4 get 2 free. We saved about $400. The CM was very nice and mentioned that I will be able to book my ADR’s on 10/27. I told her I thought it was 90 days out but she said they are changing back to 180. Does anyone have information on that change?

    • by Kristen Helmstetter on September 29, 2009, at 9:50 am EST

      On Oct 27 its going back to 180 days. So the people who have that day as their 90 day window and all the folks who have 180 after that date will be calling on that day. Good luck!

  • How typical of Disney….they take something that was a good deal, and then tweak it so it’s less of a good deal (in this case, requiring length of stay tickets).

  • I am thinking that I will just trade my tickets in on annual passes and maybe take another Disney vacation on the last week of the annual pass next winter. Is this allowed?

  • I used a TA to setup my reservations but when they checked on changing our current reservations to the buy 4 get 3 deal she said that “I checked with Disney and nothing is available that week. Sold out even at regular rates.”
    Should I call Disney to double check? I am a Disney Credit card holder, so do you think this might help?

    • Matthew, I would call back. When I first called yesterday they told me everything was booked up, but there was a glitch in the system due to some IT problems. We did get booked in at the new rate at our resort of choice (POR). I would definitely call back.

      • I just called Disney and the CM said that he could not even look at my reservation because it was done with a TA. Should I call back and hope for someone else?

  • by Kristen Helmstetter on September 29, 2009, at 9:45 am EST

    i just called to see if this would be a better deal for us than the 40% for 5 nights and then two nights at Pop also at $40% off. nope. much more expensive not even considering having to purchase tickets even though we are AP holders. im confused about the quote they gave me vs what i calculated. they must be charging for the more expensive nights rather than the cheaper ones even though they are at the end of the trip.

  • We were booked at Boardwalk Inn from 12/19 – 12/26/09 with a pin code (saved us $1377). When our travel agent first called Disney yesterday, they said there was no additional savings for us on the new offer. I asked her to call back, and we were able to save an additional $149. Because our final day (12/25) is a black out date, it is not included in the discount.

  • I was able to book a room at beach club presidents’ week with dining and length of stay tickets and received huge savings for 3 adults and 2 children. We love beach club, so we are thrilled. It is costing us less than what a family suite at all star music would be before the discount. It was tough though b/c bay lake and contemporary were sold out on that deal already. We tried though.

  • So excited! Was able to book the Poly 12/12-12/19 for $3089.00 Garden View, no dining, w/8 day park hoppers. Thought rate was a little from what I priced myself, CM did tell me that they are charging for the most expensive night regardless of whether it falls at the beginning or end of the trip! Cost me an extra couple of hundred but still a huge savings! Thanks for the tip!

  • I just called and nothing available for our dates Dec. 2 – 11 but do already have free dining plan. So I’m happy with that. The code is PCL, but can’t find anywhere online to check rates with it.

  • Any idea when this offer will show up on Disney’s website? I called and made a reservation last night, but it was more than what I had calculated(but still a good deal). I wanted to price some other resorts and it’s easier to do it online rather than speaking with a CM.

    • Wednesday or Thursday is the best guess, Kristine. The discount codes are available at Mousesavers.com now, if you want to try plugging them into Disney’s website.

      • Thanks Len. Where on Disney’s website does it allow you to do this. I know about the codes, but I could never figure out where to apply them when booking online.

  • will the plethora of discounts sway the crowd calendar? i have GF 11/15-22 . or will there be a flood of upgrades from value resorts and little net change?

  • Just found the on line reservations with the 7 for 4 this morning. Not a good deal for AP’s. Because you have to buy a 4 day ticket (5 day on line), it makes the price much higher than the AP price. Called ticketing to ask if I could apply these tickets to my AP renewal next year and was told that it would take him a long time to figure it out. I could let my son or daughter use them. He also didn’t understand why AP’s had to buy more than a 1 day ticket anyway. Oh Well.

  • I wonder what the chances are of them extending it through the end of 2010?

  • Informative write up, saved your blog in hopes to see more information!