Princess Storybook Breakfast No Longer Requiring Credit Card Deposit in 2010?

by on October 1, 2009 11 Comments

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We’ve heard that the Princess Storybook Breakfast at Restaurant Akershus in World Showcase’s Norway pavilion is no longer requiring a credit card when booking an online reservation for 2010 dates. Anyone else seen this?

Posted on October 1, 2009

11 Responses to “Princess Storybook Breakfast No Longer Requiring Credit Card Deposit in 2010?”

  • We just came home from a trip to the world and ate at Akershus. We had breakfast – and when I booked it (2009), I did not need a credit card guarantee.

  • I did and I go the week of Thanksgiving so now I’m confused! LOL

  • Actually, does the online system require credit card guarantees at all? I made a reservation for CA Grill, and although at one point it said it required a guarantee, the final page said it didn’t, and it never asked for a number.

  • The lack of deposits is frustrating all around. We just got back from a trip to WDW and fortunately had dining reservations for MOST days. (We did not go to Akershus.) But what we discovered is that a) it was impossible to get reservations without having booked 90 days in advance and, more troublingly, b) restaurants that said they were completely full WEREN’T, because there is nothing to prevent people from making multiple reservations on the same day. Since Disney is literally giving food away, they might want to consider requiring a $5 deposit per person for all reservations — if the reservation is used, the deposit is applied toward the cost of the meal. If the party is a no-show, the deposit is charged to the credit card. Something has to be done, because dining at WDW has become a chore rather than a fun experience.

  • We also just returned from WDW and dined at Akershus for the Princess Storybook meal, but did lunch. Our reservation required a credit card.

  • We booked both Akershus for lunch and California Grill for dinner a couple days ago for our visit mid Nov 2009 and needed credit card for both.

  • Could this problem be only with 2010 online adrs?

    I also recently booked CA Grill online for January, and it went through without a CC prompt. My travel agent called them later to replace/rebook the ADR with a CC; she had seen similar problems and intimated that Disney might end up invalidating the cardless adrs.

    The safest route might just be to book online and call the dining line later that day to add a card number…

  • i just booked Akershus for January 9, 2010 and had to use a credit card to guarantee.

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