New Magic Kingdom Touring Plan For Families With Younger And Older Children

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We’ve got a lot of requests lately for touring plans for parents with both younger and older children, with the older kids able to experience thrill rides such as Space Mountain if accompanied by an adult.  For example, a family with children ages 3, 5, 9 and 11 might be included in this category.

We’ve created a new one-day touring plan of the Magic Kingdom that accommodates these kinds of requests. It includes thrill rides such as Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, and provides details on how to use the “Child Swap” (a.k.a., “Baby Swap” or “switching off”) technique to only wait in line once per group.

Comments and feedback on this plan is welcome. And if you can think of a better name for it, let us know.

One-Day Magic Kingdom Touring Plan for Parents of Pre-Teens

Posted on November 26, 2009

3 Responses to “New Magic Kingdom Touring Plan For Families With Younger And Older Children”

  • Perfect timing! We leave this week with this combo of kids, minus the 3 yr old (haha) so I am very excited to try this out. This looks to be the perfect match of all the things my kids love to see. The only problem may be keeping them out of Tomorrowland til that late in the day but we’ll see.

  • Thanks! Again, great timing. We’ll test this out in a couple of weeks with the kids (1,4,12,14).

  • Thank you so much! I really could have used this when we visted in the spring with my 5 (girl)and 9 (boy)year olds. I ended up combining a couple of plans to make it work. My son wasn’t interested in Winnie the Pooh and my daughter wasn’t interested in Space Mountain,etc. This plan seems like it will really work for us – we will try it out when we go on the 19th.