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This is a follow up to my “Taking Seniors To Disney World” post. I appreciated all of your advice and comments on the subject.

The trip was short — over a weekend. We stayed in 2 rooms at Pop Century. Had this trip not been such a whim, I would have preferred to stay in a Deluxe resort. Pop was fine. We had one day to tour the park. I chose Epcot. It’s my favorite and I thought it would be theirs too. Because they are not pass holders, they got one day tickets. No Hopping!! $50 plus to Hop — are you kidding me? (I have a AP and it felt very restricting not being able to HOP. 😉 I survived.)

I printed the “Touring Plan for Active Seniors” and kept it in my backpack. Great plan. However, I noticed Test Track was missing, which I found puzzling. Now I know why. My mom liked it, but thought it was very fast. My Dad liked it better. I did get my mom to go twice. Other than our Test Track detour, we followed the plan. My father retired from GM. I was so excited to take him to the Test Track VIP room for GM employees. To our disappoinment, we learned that when the goverment takes over a company, they close the VIP room at Disney World.

My parents LOVED Soarin’ — and who wouldn’t. I think that was the highlight of the day. They not only loved the actual attraction, but the pre show as well. For any fan of “Seinfeld”, seeing “Putty” as a flight attendant brings a smile to their face.

My mom and I were at Epcot for rope drop. My father met us just before lunch. We took the monorail to the TTC and walked to the Poly. My parents thoroughly enjoyed the monorail ride. They enjoyed seeing the sights from that perspective as well as the monorail resorts. We had lunch at the Kona Cafe.

We spent the remainder of the day completing the touring plan. We would often stop and admire the beautiful landscaping — amazing! It was great to get to be with my parents at Disney World. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day. Seeing Disney through their eyes allowed me a fresh perspective.

We had breakfast, Sunday, at the Kona Cafe (yes, the same restuaruant less than 24 hours apart.) Well, my parents loved the breakfast even more than lunch. My mom is still talking about the Tonga toast. She’s trying to devise her own recipe.

Please take the seniors in your life to Disney World. Keep their activity level in mind, follow the touring plan, take breaks, admire the beauty around you and know you’ll create memories of a life time.
Have a magical trip.

Posted on December 6, 2009

2 Responses to “Seniors At Disney World – Follow The Plan”

  • by Mark J. Finegold on December 7, 2009, at 2:56 pm EST

    Regarding the Soarin’ preshow, I remember recognizing that actor as the voice of Joe Swanson, the policeman, in “Family Guy” as well as the new partner to Agent J at the beginning of “Men in Black II.” Neither of those is likely to click that well with senior ridegoers, I suppose. Just wanted to register my opinion that this is one of the better preshows in WDW.

    • by Caroline Baggerly on December 7, 2009, at 3:07 pm EST

      Hey Mark,
      I totally agree. Love this pre show.
      Patrick Warburton, who plays Putty, is a funny guy. I love him in this role at Soarin’.