As we’ve shamelessly promoted here and on Twitter, if you’re headed down to Walt Disney World, Lines is a great companion. It’s a mobile website that gives you current and future wait time estimates for every attraction in WDW (just navigate to on your iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, or BlackBerry to try it out). And since some of the biggest users of Lines have been ourselves, we’ve decided to make it more fun!

On your next trip, try adding one of those posted wait times that you see outside most attractions. As you add more posted times, you’ll level up; after five times, you’ll become an Unofficial Data Collector, and after 25, a Unofficial Research Fellow (see image). In addition to levels, you can also earn badges such as the Rope Drop badge (submitting a time within 20 minutes of park opening) and the I Love Potholes badge (submitting 5 wait times for Kilimanjaro Safaris). Finally, if you’re a serious local or a very frequent guest, you can vie to be Top Submitter for each attraction. This will earn you serious bragging rights (visible on each attraction page).

We’ve added a slew of anti-cheating measures to keep things fair, so please, don’t try to add invalid times. Thanks to a mountain of historical data and everyone’s favorite Canadian statistician Fred, Lines will work just as well if no other users are in the park.

Go try out Lines today with your subscription at on your mobile phone, and let us know in the comments what you think!


  1. Love it! Looking forward to a new challenge on my next trip. Not sure when that trip will be…but there will be at least one in 2010!

  2. Just one question, if you have a pre-GPS iPhone (like I do) will lines still be able to tell that I am, indeed, in the parks? I only get one shot at this annually and I don’t want to miss the chance to level up! 🙂

  3. Henry, the titles for top submitter are a great idea and really brought out my inner geek. I still haven’t gotten over being bumped as “Galactic Hero” from Buzz Lightyear, but I’m working on it. I figure with plenty of therapy, or another trip to WDW, I’ll be okay. 😉

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