The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Changing Names

by on February 25, 2010 10 Comments

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We hear that The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort will be changing its name to “The Wave … of American Flavors.” No ETA for the change.

Posted on February 25, 2010

10 Responses to “The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Changing Names”

  • The name of the restaurant is staying the same. This is just a “subtitle” of sorts which will be printed on the menus and signage.

    • That makes more sense. The Wave of American Flavors just doesn’t sound right off the tongue. Could you imagine saying, tonight I made a reservation for the Wave of American Flavors. Nope, the Wave sounds much better.

    • Thanks Disney cm! The note I got about the name change came from Media Relations. I’ll go back to see whether they indicated this as a subtitle. We’ll want to have the official name in the book.

  • by Richard Mercer on February 26, 2010, at 8:28 am EST

    It would be a mistake to actually change the name as described. A good name is just that – a name – and doesn’t need to explain itself. I don’t even like it as a “subtitle” — it doesn’t really add anything and “wave of flavors” is a strained metaphor.

  • Almost all of our finer foods came from somewhere else. (except bison…and Spam)(ew) So I’m not sure exactly what a “wave of American flavors” would even begin to taste like. Perhaps this change can be attributed to the same person who decided the TTA needed a reboot? 🙁

  • American Flavors….except the wines.

  • The Wave…of overthinking.

  • I had dinner there at the bar just this past Tuesday—the flat iron steak was really quite good, and at $21 a relative bargain for Disney.

    Both bartenders said that this has been their “official” name all along. In fact, it was even more cumbersome: “The Wave of American Flavors with an Asian Influence” or some similar mouthful. Not known for his subtlety, that Mouse.

  • I’m not sure whether “The Wave of American Flavors” makes me think more of a Skittles ad, or of something I’d likely do after one of your “sip snack sick” excursions. Either way, not an image in keeping with the high-class eatery I understand The Wave to be.