Lines App Now In iPhone and Android App Stores

by on March 3, 2010 8 Comments

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We’re happy to announce that you can now find Lines as a native application on the iPhone App Store and the Android Marketplace. This is a free download for premium subscribers (not a member yet? check out what you’re missing).

On iPhone, search for “wdw lines” or click here (the full name is Disney World Lines by, and on Android, search for “disney lines” to find it. iPhone and Android users also have the choice of using Lines as a native or web app (they are identical underneath the hood). And for you geeks out there: both native apps run WebKit when you launch, so we’ll be able to push out new features very quickly.

Join and download Lines today!

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Posted on March 3, 2010

8 Responses to “Lines App Now In iPhone and Android App Stores”

  • Looks much nicer without the Safari chrome. I don’t have a lot of time to test it right now, but does it maintain your session state in the app, or will it require logging in again periodically?

    • Hey Rich!

      Sorry for the delay–should keep state for a decently long time. Also, it’s persistent now, so you’ll jump back to the previous part of the app you were in!

  • Been poking around the iPhone version and I find it as nice to use as the mobile browser version. You’d already done a nice job of hiding the Safari navigation bar by default, but having it really gone is nicer. I was at our little investment club meeting last night and one of the members got a call from his daughter. She was at Disney with Mom and was complaining that it was a long wait at Splash Mountain. Lines demo ensued. Might have sold an iPhone AND Note, the club holds shares of DIS and we voted to by AAPL last night. Keep up the great work!

  • I am not able to find the lines app on the android marketplace. I searched for “disney lines”, “touringplans”, “wdw lines”, and just “lines. No dice. I am wondering if it is still there.

  • Any chance of Touring Plans extending their wonderful work to other Orlando Theme Parks, especially Universal?