You can now view parades and fireworks times on Lines, our mobile app for viewing attraction wait times! We fetch this data nightly, but consider these times Unofficial and subject to change at any time. We’re currently showing tonight’s times for Fantasmic, IllumiNations, Wishes, SpectroMagic, Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade, Block Party Bash, and Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade. And we’ll also give you quick access to see the schedules for the next 10 days.

Haven’t given Lines a go yet? Go download the app today!


  1. Coincidentally enough, all last week I was actually thinking “it would be really great if only I could get the times for the fireworks and parades on Lines. Then I wouldn’t need to keep looking around for a Times Guide.”

  2. Wish the app was available for Palm Pre Plus. I’m loving WebOS and would love even more to have the direct app on my phone!

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