Lines For iPhone Updated To 1.0.1

by on March 16, 2010 3 Comments

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The iPhone version of our mobile app, Lines, has been updated to version 1.0.1 on the app store. Search for “touringplans” or click here to install/update it! It’s a pretty minor bug fix, but you’ll some nice new twitter integration, as well as links to our full crowd calendar and to information about live entertainment.

And if you’re a fan of Lines, we love it if you could head over to iTunes or the Android Marketplace and give us a solid review or rating! We’d really appreciate it.

Posted on March 16, 2010

3 Responses to “Lines For iPhone Updated To 1.0.1”

  • I have 2 feature suggestions for Lines. Neither is incredibly easy to implement, but I think they would be nice additions.

    1) The first time I open Lines on a given day, it would be nice to cache everything that’s static, e.g. attraction listings, hours, stat-driven wait times. This way, when I am in the park, I can get most of the information without relying on cell phone signal (This would be a boon to Touch users as well). Additionally, it would be much quicker to find info if most of it doesn’t need to be downloaded.

    2) It would be nice to make a personal touring plan for the day. I.e., I go through the list of attractions I want to visit for the day and select the time I would like to visit them based on predicted waits for the day. Once I have added all my attractions/times to the plan “basket”, it would be sorted by time and displayed in Lines, and ideally, allowed to be e-mailed to share with touring companions or to be able to print on a computer.

    Obviously, #1 would be platform-specific and would require updates to all the apps. However, #2 could be built into both the site and all the various native applications with less hassle.