WDW Today Episode 708 – The Essence Of Walt Disney World

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Posted on April 15, 2010

4 Responses to “WDW Today Episode 708 – The Essence Of Walt Disney World”

  • One of our funnier recent episodes. For new listeners, the joke at the beginning is about the 70’s rock band Rush, of which Mike Newell is a big fan. A quick Wikipedia search should turn up some interesting reading on them.

  • I’m right with you guys on the Spaceship Earth area of Epcot – the architecture, landscaping and music. The music and the fountain really blew me away the first time I went there.

    Something that really delighted me in Animal Kingdom the first time I went there was the impressions they made in the sidewalks with leaves, bicycle tracks, etc. The whole Asia land, like you said, is a delight. I find the landscaping and water features nicer on the African trek than on the Maharajah trek however.

    I also agree about Tomorrowland, but I think that if you tried to show Carousel of Progress to a newbie, like, “So what’d ya think? Essence of Disney? Huh? Huh?”, they would not be thrilled. That attraction is seriously lame. And it doesn’t have to be. It’s only robots – couldn’t they hire some sitcom or SNL writers to rewrite the dialog every couple of years and keep it fresh? Give it the MST3K treatment and deal with the lameness right up front. Toss the very, very latest gadgets into the last scene in order to get the crowd buzzing and pointing stuff out. I know that you can’t make the robots do *too* much, like play with a Wii, but you could at least try to keep it relevant. It’s a dying relic as it is now.

  • I have to say that as soon as Scopa picked One Man’s Dream, I knew I listened to this podcast for a reason.

    Many people overlook this attraction, but I spent a better part of a hour in there my last trip, reading and taking pictures of things, etc… I love this walk-through exhibit.

    And, incidentally, a friend of mine went to WDW in March, and she said that One Man’s Dream was a family favorite for her family and I didn’t even tell her about it!

    So props to Scopa (even though he would have picked Epcot).

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