Below are four different logos we’re considering forย  Let us know which logo you find the most appealing by leaving a comment below.ย  We’ll pick a response at random to receive a free one-year premium subscription.

Option # 1:

Option # 2:

Option # 3:

Option # 4:

Thanks for helping choose the next logo!


  1. I like Option 3, it’s very clean and makes me think of traveling.
    I don’t like 4 because it looks too close to the facebook logo.

  2. I like option 1. It’s clean and reminds you of facebook and twitter which are used daily….just like touring plans should be ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I like option 1 because you can use just the “t in the circle” or use it with the website name depending on your needs. It is also appealing to the eye.

  4. I’ll say number 4, because I like the simple circle with the stylish “T.” I almost went with #2, but “TP” tends to be associated with toilet paper.

  5. Tough. #3 is my favorite, but Touring Plans aren’t about luggage. What about something with an arrow or a clock or a wait time board?

  6. I like the color of logo #1 because it ties in with the red border of the book – but I like the “t” in logo #4 better because it seems more “Disney-fied” if that makes sense!

  7. I don’t really like any of them for a ‘logo’. None of the graphics relate to what you guys do.

    As far as a masthead, I like #1. But for logo, I vote ‘none of the above’.

  8. My vote is for #1 – Very current-looking. My first thought was for #3, but I’m not sure the luggage really portrays what you’re providing with these plans.

  9. Branding usually needs a picture (or action), so #3 answers that. But, I like #1 because it’s in read and there is not a TP (although “TP” is memorable and funny!!!).

  10. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of any of them. Since none of the above is an option, I guess I’d select #3. It looks the most travel related.

  11. The first logo is simple, which is good, but perhaps a different color for ‘plans’ than the rest of the text might make for an easier read. The blue you’ve used for the other choices would probably work well for this. #3 would be my second choice, but I would again suggest you change colors for ‘PLANS’ for improved legibility. This would also compliment your suitcase icon. The outline of ‘PLANS’ for #2 is a strain on the eyes, and I don’t think the ‘T’ of the fourth choice works with the text of the rest of the logo. Since is primarily a site intended to simplify a WDW vacation (make a plan, stick to it, see more stuff with less hassle), a simple logo should reflect the site’s purpose. The fact that none of the logos have much of a Disney look is good for any expansion (Vegas, baby) of the site’s aims in the future. Nice work, gang.

  12. I like #1 the best. #4 is pretty but too girly and #2 has “TP” in it, which makes my inner 12-year old snort just a little.

  13. I like #3 best because it looks more travel related . If you want something “cleaner” then I like #1. Good luck with your choice!

  14. I prefer #1. It is much cleaner than the others and would look better in a letterhead or other header.

  15. I am going to say #1, I like the simple red T logo, plus it actually has the “.com” in the logo. (suggestion, turn the red circle in to a compass type logo maybe?)

  16. Option #1. Typestyle flows better and is more readable. Option 3 logo comes off more like briefcases.

  17. I would select Option 1…more professional, clean. Not a fan of the all CAPS in Option 2, Option 3 looks like clipart from MS Word and do not like the font in Option 4.

  18. Option #4 is my favorite. It looks “bookish” and “educated” -giving me the sense that you and your website know what you’re talking about. #1 is very clean and professional, but also very bland. #2 is just too busy and the T/P in the circle is silly-looking. #3 looks like a PowerPoint I made today.

  19. I prefer #1, with #4 a distant second. As someone else noted, the letters ‘TP’ in #2 make me think of toilet paper. And while I find #3 very attractive, I don’t think the suitcases are the right image for ‘touring plans.’ I always think of, at its core, to be about moving efficiently through the parks, which for me doesn’t have anything to do with suitcases. It is a nice looking logo though.

  20. I have to say that none of these feel right to me.

    I’m not sure how to convey all of the dynamic and amazing things that is, but I just don’t see it in those logos.

  21. I like #1. I like how the red stands out. I also think it is still important to have the .com.

  22. Option 1 is my choice (and I’m a professional graphic designer, so you can trust me… ha!). It’s clean, professional, classic yet has a modern touch (thanks to font choice). One vibrant color makes for very easy application (and fun flexibility should you want to go green for just one day on St Pats day, for example!). Nice circular icon will be easy to use in a huge variety of applications. The simplicity and scalability of that logo are great. Nice design! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Of these four, #1.

    #2’s glyph and logotype are at odds: old vs. new. #3 is semi-attractive but half-baked. #4 doesn’t work for me at all.

    #1, #2, and #4 look like publishers. #3 looks like a travel discount service.

  24. For those who are encountering Touring Plans for the first time, you may want something in the logo that suggests all of the wonderful services you provide. #2 hints at that with the architectural look of the word “plans” as do the suitcases in #3. Could those suitcases be tweaked to faintly suggest mouse ears? Maybe with a T on one case and a P on the other? Or have the overlapping suitcase shadow contain a castle tower? If not, go with the retro look of #2 to reflect the classic nature of the parks.

  25. As a designer, there are changes I’d make to each of these. In #1, the “t” is slightly off-center to the right. In #2, as others have mentioned, the “TP” makes me think of toilet paper. #3 is my favorite, but as others mentioned, your touring plans are about being fast and unburdened, not about suitcases. And #4 is almost identical to the WordPress logo!

    Still, all of them are nicely designed and professional – I don’t mean to disparage your designer at all. The typography is really beautiful in all four. I’m just not sure that any of the icons brings across the sense of freedom, fun, lightness, and SPEED of park touring that’s the hallmark of the touring plans. My first instinct is a silhouette of a sneaker with wings, with the foot bent as if in mid-step, and the heel off the ground – something that says fun, casual travel, and zipping past all the “regular” tourists who don’t have your plans.

  26. NOT #3 otherwise I like them all with #1 being my favorite slightly. Don’t absolutely love any of them. I know it’s tricky but some reference of subtle reference to Disney would be nice to see.

  27. I like #1 considerably more than the others. Option 2 – like the words, but not the logo. Option 3 – The suitcases don’t work for me. Not cool enough graphic for hipster guys like Len & Fred. Option 4 – logo reminds me of Creative Chef or some knock off.

  28. #1 is great! I would just capitalize the T and the P (just to make it a bit easier on the eyes). Great job!

  29. I’m voting for the first logo because the red is so eye-catching and because it incorporates the .com into it. Very important to promote the website with the logo, IMO!

  30. Ok, so I can’t say that any of these options feels “just right” to me. If I was forced to choose, I guess I would choose #1.

    #4 is too fussy. I don’t care for the font of the T in the logo. It just doesn’t convey what I think of when I think of your web site, which, by the way, I love.

    #3 is too reminiscent of a venn diagram, at least to me. I just can’t get past that. It’s too ambiguous, and I agree with another post when it says that the suitcases could also be construed as briefcases.

    #2 just doesn’t gel for me, and now that others have mentioned the toilet paper thing I’m having a hard time getting past that.

    Have you guys heard of Brian Tippetts? He is a bit of a font guru, espcially in the scrapbooking world. Recently, he worked for Creating Keepsakes Magazine, but he has moved on to He is super font savvy, and gives great tips. Check him out, I know that he was integral in the choosing of the newer (current) logo for the header of CK magazine. Just a thought.

    I also agree with someone who mentioned the idea of showing movement or momentum in the logo. Maybe with a slant or some well-placed whoosh-y kind-of lines… or maybe not. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gosh, you guys may regret asking for thoughts! I love the web site!

  31. I like #1. it is very classic, and elegant. 2 and 4 are too retro, and 3 would make more sense if you were offering Touring Plans of cities not theme parks.

  32. I’m a logo & typography geek (even though I’m not a designer – it’s just one of those things I’m obsessed with other than EPCOT ;). Of the four, #1 is the cleanest, and the typography is most interesting (but needs a little bit of tweaking.)

    however, all four are unfortunately pretty forgettable. I’m not sure any of them really conveys anything about what you guys do – you could, without being TOO literal, integrate something theme-parky or disney-y (or map-y? or calendar-y?) into the logos (i.e. don’t integrate a mickey head, Disney will sue you anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ but think about what it is you guys do and see if you can capture at least a little of that passion in the design.

    otherwise, honestly, all four of them seriously look like yet another vacation package search site. Expocitylineyakzoo or something…

    i’m sure you’re happy with your logo designer, but if not I can recommend a few.

  33. Dont listen!No to one ! lol One is to boring and non-memorable.It looks like a logo you could find on a pack of gum. And the red letters dont seem to lend themselves to Disneyesque / Florida colors. I like 3 or 4 . 3 has a strong association with it of what TP is all about , 4 is a bit MK Fantasyland like. Sort of fairytale which is what Disney is all about to me.

  34. #4 resembles a real estate development sign.
    #3 Too “thin” and “airy”
    #2 The T over P in a circle..What other TP comes in a circle? Plus the word PLAN is empty, lacks commitment, seems unsure. Who wants that in a PLAN?
    #1 SOLID circle, Weighted font repeated from logo image. Simple, non whimsical, to the point, elegant like that single piece of perfect jewelry rather than mounds of cheap.

  35. I like #1 but might prefer it even more if the red was the RGB equivalent of the red found on the cover of the Unofficial Guide as a subtle nod to Marvin.

  36. 4 looks more distinguished, so would be my preference. However, it seems like 1 is the popular choice and is decent enough.

  37. Option # 1 is what caught my eye as the best logo. it’s not too busy, the lines are clean cut. I like it!

  38. Option #1 – I was also attracted to option #3, but in the end thought that the cases were a bit off b/c you don’t really carry a suitcase while touring…

  39. Oh great, I can be part of a focus group! My vote, go with what your designer feels is strongest. A brand is built on more than a logo.

  40. Option #2 has a feel of ‘Tommorowland’ about it, without being a copy. I think that one looks GREAT!

  41. Option #3 for sure is the best. It’s the only one that can be done without even needing TouringPlans underneath of it, every time. Otherwise you end up with a giant letter(s) as the short form of the logo. Plus it’s just a great picture. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. I vote for #1, though #4 is also good. #2 seems too formal and uptight, while the suitcases in #3 are a bit out of place. Overall, #1 is just the friendliest of the four.

  43. I vote for #4. Although #1 is also very good. If you go with 4, include the .com at the end I would say.

  44. I like #3. I think it’s the easiest to read. For someone not familiar with Touring Plans it automatically indicates what kind of website to expect. I also like that it’s the most symmetrical logo, the others seem off-balance to me with the circle at the front. #2 makes me think “TP? Toilet paper?”

    #1 would be my second choice, I like the circle T logo.

  45. I like number 2. Number 2 and 4 seem the most Disney, though. 2 has a more modern Tommorrowland kind of feel. 4 has a more traditional “princessy” script feel to it.

  46. #3. I think it best conveys what the site is about. As stated above, it gives people unfamiliar with Touring Plans an idea of what it is all about.

  47. #1. Best font, Simplest (hence best) logo. Logo #2 is too busy, #3 & #4 make you look like a travel agency.

  48. Option #2 is the strongest as is, as it does highlight the word “plans” much better.

    I like #3 but honestly “touring plans” is not about suitcases but time in the parks. Replace the suitcases with a clock and a castle and you’d have a winner there.

  49. I really like the third one, because it says what you’re all about: traveling and touring! The others are pretty generic.

  50. I vote for option 3. I think it offers a better identity for you and is more memorable. When I clicked away from the page, that one was the one that stuck in my mind. Thanks for putting them up for our perusal!

  51. I like #3 because it has luggage, and that’s cute. The others focus more on the T and that’s not as cute. The one that kinda sorta looks like TTA script is kinda neat but I wouldn’t want it as the logo, I don’t think. –Amy From Kentucky

  52. I like option #2. It feels very current yet classic. The “p” seems to have a strange shape, though. If I were going to use it, I would shorten the loop to be the same width as the “T”.

  53. #3 is the most appealing as it gives the web surfer the idea that your website has lots of insight about how to make the traveling experience to Disney that much better! and safer! and cheaper! and saving time at the same time!

  54. It has to be option #1 because it’s the only one that includes the “.com” which is key to marketing. Other than that, I like the suitcase graphics on option #3, but the font/type is kinda boring on that one.(Maybe you could add the “.com” to option #3?)

  55. #1. The red circle with the “T” would be an effective stand alone avatar for those situations where you need one. For example, it would show well as an app icon. And the full version of the logo shoould include .com, as #1 does.

  56. I like #3 and #1 the best in that order. However with #3 if you use this logo on other items such as T-shirts or mugs you will have an issue will the over lap of colours when printing, not a big deal though for web use.

  57. #1. I think it’s great the it has the website address built into it. Change the color to blue or black and you’re set.

  58. #1 caught my eye right away. Nice and clean. Plus I like the .com at the end of the name, just to confirm the website. #3 would be my second choice but since you didn’t ask for a 2nd choice, ignore that comment

  59. among the ones you have, #2. since you tell us where to go, maybe incorporate an arrow? maybe a circle made out of an arrow surrounding #2?

  60. Definetley #1. It is sleek, clean and the only one that also highlights the fact that there is a website.

  61. Definitely #1. It is clear, eye-catching, includes the web address, and stands out on my computer screen.

  62. I think I like #2 the best, but I would suggest maybe adding “.com” in a small font similar to option 1. Also, I might add an analog clock face to the circle with the numbers for 12, 3, 6 and 9, or at the least, maybe tick marks on the circle with hour and minute hands in the background which would help to signify that your site has something to do with time (savings).

  63. Option #1 “.com” part
    Option #2 Circle design
    Option #3 font
    You would need to change the font inside the circle to match the #3 font…just my two cents worth…

  64. #1 is my favorite after much study. The off-center T in #4 drives me nuts. I like the railroad style TP letters in #2 though.

    • My favorite is number 1.
      – I like the red colour
      – The fact that you have used all lower case letters appeals to me very much, not sure why, but somehow it comes across as more personal and likeable to me
      – I think the type is easily legible and looks professional, but not “over-professional” (which I think is true for number 4 – that one looks like a cruiseline travel agent’s logo!)

  65. I prefer # 1 of them all but do keep the pictures of the book in the top banner somehow. I think it would be a mistake to disassociate the website with the books in any way – there are the utlimate combo / upsell. The book itself is recognizable.

  66. I like #1 the best. Red stands out, Blue blends in.

    I would stay away from using “TP” together as in the second logo.

  67. #1 is the most eye grabbing and doesn’t look so hokey. Maybe try putting a simple suitcase or something to advertise who you are inside the circle. The “T” seems a little college or sport-ish.

  68. I agree that they all look a little serious, but I like #4 because the “T” looks a little like Disney script!

  69. #1 or #2,probaly a little more #2. I like the simplicity of #1 design and prefer the red to the blue, but I like the actual logo/picture of #2 better.

  70. I love option #1 – simple and eyecatching. I really think that you shouldn’t be trying to look too “Disney” – I know they are the basis of what you do, but they are NOT who you are!

  71. I like no.1 out of these but I think you should have something that suggests you are to do with Disney

  72. Re my previous comment…no. 1 but make the “t” circle a bit smaller and add “ears” on the top of it. Sorted!

  73. 3 and 4 work for me. #4 has a disney feel, but i really prefer #3. I think it could be improved by rounding the handles similar to mickey’s ears.

  74. #1 and #4
    #1 says “blog” to me, #4’s just pretty (Main Street-ish?)

    I can see the tomorrowland-ness of #2, after Heidi mentioned it.
    #3 makes me think expedia/etc.

  75. I believe the first choice (#1) is the best. First, I like the fact that it is red. Red is considered to be warm, dynamic, powerful, passionate, energetic, and exciting. Secondly, I like that it is all in lowercase letters giving me the feeling your site is simple and easy to understand, down to earth. Finally, I like it because it includes the “.com” at the end of “touringplans”. The name and the web address are one in the same reminding us where to go online when we need help planning our next Disney vacation!

  76. I like choice 1 the best. The “.com” part is very important. If choice 4 had the “.com”, that would have been my top pick. As it is now, it is merely a very close second.

  77. I agree that none suggest the Disney connection, but of the four, #2 would be my choice (with the addition of .com).

  78. #1 is the best as it seems so pleasing to the eye.
    There is a smoothness to it and it does not feel abrupt. The rest seems like they would be missed when surfing through the website whereas the red color in the #1 logo would capture the eye.

  79. None of them give any hint what your site is about. Adding two small circles, to make ears, on logo #1 would make it my favorite.

  80. Truthfully, none of them really do it for me. They don’t say “this is the unofficial web-site for the Unofficial Guide to WDW” or “we can help you save time and money on your next trip to WDW”, they’re just kind of plain and non-descript. However, I’ll vote anyway and say #1.

  81. I like #1. It is rich in color and kept simple. It first grabbed my attention, and then after looking at each, I still was drawn to the color and font.

  82. I prefer option 4. Blue is a better color scheme, and the font used for the “T” in the circle logo is similar to the font used for the Magic Kingdom and Fantasyland Logos.

  83. I’m going to break the rules here. I like the logo from #2 combined with the text from #1. Sorry, to be difficult, but I’m an engineer, what can I say?

  84. I think you need a logo that looks like a “path or road to follow” which what the touring plan is. Maybe a road coming to an intersection to form a “T”.

  85. No. 1, but I wish any of the choices had a Disney reference as part of it. It may be a copyright issue, but I am just wishful!!

  86. #4 is pretty much a copy of WordPress’s logo, so I would steer away from that for legal and originality reasons. #1 is simple and pleasing and inline which is easier to use for web sites specificially. I like the #3 uses two colors and it is the most original, so I vote #3.

  87. I forgot to talk about #2. If “PLANS” wasn’t outline and used the red color it would be a viable contender as well. The outline makes “PLANS” hard to read.

  88. I like #4, but it’s because of the CamelCase. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once a Java programmer, always a Java programmer. If you’d numbered from 0-3 rather than 1-4, the zeroth would have won for similar, but C programmer reason. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  89. It’s a tossup between 2 and 3. 1 is boring. 4 is too formal. 2, however, is neat and professional and 3 is colorful and fun. I do wish one of them had some kind of reference to disney, though.

  90. #1. The red catches the eye and it’s clear to read. There’s something modern and on-trend with it as a whole. Very nice.

  91. Number 3. It’s the only one that conveys the travel aspect of the website and therefore gives some idea of what to expect. The rest are a bit too generic.

  92. #2 seems more sophisticated, however #1 is clearer and I like the “.com” – makes it clear that it’s a website.

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