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Cheapskates that we are, we completely missed out on the bidding to get that next-generation Apple iPhone prototype lost in a bar earlier this month.  While consoling ourselves with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s AmeriCone Dream and flipping through some reader email, we found a couple of tips regarding Disney’s next discount. As usual, the standard disclaimers apply: for all we know these are completely false; given the amount of allergy medication we’ve taken lately, it’s entirely possible we were reading the phone book instead of email and hallucinated the whole episode.

The next discount to be announced should include the Disney Dining Plan.  We’ve heard it will appear for Disney Visa cardholders around April 29, and the general public May 2.  Travel dates should begin around August 15 (the day after the current discounts end).  No word on the end travel date, but we expect it to be very late September or very early October, as it has been in the past.

We’re hearing conflicting details about the dining offer itself.  Two sources says the offer will be scaled back (one says “drastically”) from last year.  We interpret this to mean that everyone using this offer will get the Quick Service plan by default – including guests staying at deluxe resorts – and can use that discount towards purchasing the standard dining plan.  However, one other source thinks the free dining offer will be the same as last year’s (Quick Service at value resorts, standard plan at moderates and deluxes).  If we hear more we’ll let you know.

Posted on April 22, 2010

38 Responses to “Scurrilous Rumor Department – Next Disney World Discount”

  • by Belicia Dawson on April 22, 2010, at 10:31 am EST

    I did receive Free Dining . It was for Quick Service Dining The offer was if you purchase 4-night 5 day during 6/4/10-8/14/10 and you have to book before 4/30/10. We are staying at a value resort but this offer was offered to all Resort guests.

    • I did receive the same offer by email last week with a pin number. It was the Quick service dining plan during 6/4/10-8/14/10.

  • I know that WDW wants to wean the public off the discount-o-rama they’ve had going the last few years, but I just don’t think QS Free Dining is going to get it done. They’ve had free basic dining for the last few years, and like it or not, people are used to it. I’ll be surprised if free QS is going to be good enough to fill those rooms during Hurricane Season. Guess what they offer and how it all plays out.

  • Hmmm…except there are enough Disney maniacs over at DIS boards who will take the trip regardless of the offer.

    If it wasn’t for diehard Disney fans (some have taken 30+ trips!), Disney would have had to offer better value to their customers.

    • I doubt those people have a significant impact on Disney’s earnings. Plenty of Disney maniacs over at the DIS Boards (including this one) will not be taking the trip regardless of the offer.

  • If only the Quick Service DP is offered, may I upgrade for the standard DP and pay the difference? How to do that? By phone, or is it possible online?

  • No conceivable deal (short of “free everything”) is going to fill all those rooms during September; “free dining” never has. Most Disney fanatics will be happy if free TS dining is gone forever.

    • I believe that I would prefer the free QS over the regular DP if they offer it this fall. Two quick service meals and two snacks vs one QS, one TS, one snack? Who really eats a TS every day? Plus, when you upgrade to the regular dining plan, you don’t get the free souvenir mug. QS seems like a better plan, at least for me.

      • We like to do TS at least once per day. We use that time to unwind for a while. Also, I am on vacation and I get to clean up after myself and everyone else so I appreciate TS meals. One a day is sufficient, otherwise you spend your day eating and not touring. I am holding out for the free dining!

    • Please don’t speak for most Disney fans. Judging by the discussion boards most are drooling over free dining every year. I’m one of them.

  • What this mean? the dates on “Kids stay and play free” offer for disney cardmembers changed

    Disney Rewards® Visa® Credit and Debit Cardmembers, don’t miss out on this exclusive Walt Disney World® Resort deal. When you purchase a 4-night/5-day Magic Your Way Vacation package that includes room, Theme Park tickets and a Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan for stays most nights March 14, 2010 – October 2, 2010, a child 3 – 9 can stay, get 5-day Theme Park tickets and the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan, FREE!

  • Hey Anderson!

    I think it means Disney’s still trying to fill fall nights. I still expect free dining on May 2.

  • I wish they would offer something other than free dining for the fall to change things up a bit. I feel that for those who are staying deluxe, free dining isn’t always that great of a deal. Although, any deal is better than no deal.

  • Michelle, you’re 100% correct. I recall an analysis (either here or over at WDWToday) that showed that the room discounts were often a better deal than dining for deluxe resorts. But, I expect both to be offered this year, just as they have in years past. They’ve been discounting Deluxes in the “summer value season” aggressively, and September is even harder to fill.

    • Be careful of a one-size-fits-all answer. For my family of 5, free standard dining plan at Port Orleans (Alligator Bayou) is an absolute steal. We have always (even before the DP appeared) had one TS and one QS meal each day while at WDW, so we see that as an expected cost of the trip. It works out that the hotel cost is almost equal to what we would be spending on the dining, so I see it as a free hotel stay.

      • Doh! And be careful to read before responding! You were talking about Deluxe, and I came back talking Moderate. Never mind!

        • No, you’re still correct—a family of two adults and two-three “juniors” (Disney adults who are not yet 18) would quite likely also fare better than most room-only discounts, even in a Deluxe.

          You have to check either way—but, it’s not automagic that FREE DINING!!1!! is the best deal. It sure is shiny though. 😉

  • First Timer…I will be going the 2nd week of november. Is that ever a time that they do free dining? If not, does anyone ever see any other discounts during that time? I am staying at a Deluxe Villa…

    • Last year they did offer free dining that part of the year, and it was the quick-service plan for value resort guests and regular dining plan for moderate and deluxe guests. I’m doubtful they’ll be offering that again this year. If you’re staying at a deluxe villa and are looking to save money, my suggestion is to consider renting points from a Disney Vacation Club member.

  • Sunday? Does Disney ever offer discounts on a Sunday? I thought it was only weekdays that new promotional offers were posted.

  • Just got free DDP plus 10% off hotel, 14 day passes and flights for May 2011 staying at a deluxe resort. This was booked on a flight inclusive package via Disney in the UK. Saved about $2000. 8:o)

  • So, April 29 and nothing was announced for Disney Visa cardholders until now.
    I´m getting worried.

  • Just got e-mail for free regular dining offered through Oct 2 with disney visa. Now trying to decided which would be better offer. The free dining for all guest which would be 2 adults and 2 children. Or the kids play and dine for free offer from visa also. Your thoughts?

    • I ran these numbers. We are 2 adults and 2 kids under 9 and a “free” baby under 3.

      At Coronodo Springs
      2 day base ticket (as required)
      10 day stay
      Free Dining
      Total: $2376

      Same items (hotel, dining and 2 day tickts) using Kids Play and Stay deal:
      Total: $3171

      For our family of 2 adults, 2 under 9 and a “free” baby under 3, Free Dining for 10 days is a much better deal. We don’t need to buy additional tickets as we have 5 left over on “no expiry” tickets.

  • Just received free regular dining offer when staying at a moderate resort for most nights 8/15 – 9/30/10. This is a Disney Visa card offer.

  • We have a seasonal pass good thru Feb 2011, does anyone know if you can book just the room and qualify for free dining, since we already have tickets?

    • I called about the Disney Visa Free Dining Offer that begins 8/15/2010. I tried to book a 5-night stay and asked about the minimum park ticket requirement (since I, too, do not need tickets). It turns out that such a stay requires a FIVE DAY PARK PASS PURCHASE! (The customer service Cast Member was surprised that the sysytem wouldn’t allow a shorter pass purchase; he thought it was “1-day” until the system wouldn’t let him. So, for a party of 4, that adds nearly $1,000 to the package price! Not worth it at all if you do not need park tickets. This requirement just sent me to an off site hotel. They may see bookings down because of this. I’ll also now head to Universal Studios, where I hadn’t intended to visit, for part of my stay. I hope Disney understands the negative effects of this onerous requirement.

    • The free dining promotion for Disney Visa cardmembers requires a minimum 2 day base ticket for every member of the travel party.