Updates to Fall 2010 Halloween and Christmas Parties

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Recent additions, subtractions and changes to the park schedules for fall 2010 have now been added to the Crowd Calendar.

The calendar takes into account the recently announced fall dining promotion as well. The promotion is similar to the last three years and therefore we expect the affect on crowds to be similar.¬†Guests’ reaction to the fall promotion may determine if adjustments are needed. We will be watching to see if Disney increases (or decreases) park hours in the fall; that will be a clue as to how well the promotion is doing.

Posted on April 30, 2010

2 Responses to “Updates to Fall 2010 Halloween and Christmas Parties”

  • Thanks for all the hard work! Don’t know what I’d do without Touringplans!

    Just a quick note–you might want to double check Dec. 1, as MK is both a best park and a park to avoid that day.

  • TIPS FOR PARENTS: children should never take short-cuts through backyards, construction areas or alley ways. Best Wishes Shawnees S