WDW Today Episode 715 – Holidays in November or December

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Posted on May 3, 2010

10 Responses to “WDW Today Episode 715 – Holidays in November or December”

  • Amy, I would have to agree with this episode. My wife and I went the first week after Thanksgiving last year and loved it.
    The weather was perfect and the crowds light. Just make sure to follow the crowd calculator for the best parks to visit that day.
    In terms of what resort to stay on. Avoid the value and POR the two weeks after Thanksgiving. They are full of Pop Warner.

  • Wow! Matt emailed me to let me know he would work my question in on a future show, but I never imagined that they would do a whole show! My 4 year old thinks that I am a celebrity (Take that with a grain of salt, his favorite part of the show is the graphics that whirl and change on the screen- and he really only listens to hear “Stupid Judy, stupid energy.” It’s the only time he is allowed to use the word stupid, so it’s a major thrill.) My mom is upset that I mentioned her complaint about the candy at MNSSHP. She wants me to pass on that she is not a skinflint – her word – and that she very much enjoys spending money on things that are worth it. She wants to go on record that she would recommend the Halloween party, and that it is one of the best parades she has ever seen. Furthermore, she wants me to let everyone know that throughout my entire childhood my parents took me to Disneyland – from KC- at least once or twice a year. She says we always had a great time even though she never bought a guidebook and never used a touring plan.

  • Ok, now I want to respond to the actual advice from the show. Thank you guys for the great information! It is just what I need to convince the other members of my family. I re-played the episode for my family tonight, and it has them thinking. If it was solely up to me, I would switch to the first or second week of December. (It can’t be any later, because I have those Give One, Get One vouchers to redeem by the 15th.) I just have to convince the rest of my family! This podcast helped in that area. I do have a couple of further concerns:
    1. Is it typically still warm enough to enjoy the pools in early December? That is important to my son.

    2. What impact does the Osbourne Festival of Lights have on Fantasmic? If we want to be sure to see Fantasmic, should we plan on getting the dinner package to be safe? I just picture tons of folks coming to see the lights and then thinking, “Gee, as long as we’re here we should see Fantasmic.” Two hour waits with a four year old, even a mannerly one, would stretch his good will.

    3. Fred mentioned that when Disney releases park hours it will be reflected in the crowd calendar. Is there any idea when that will be?

    Well, I have a lot to think over now. I’ve become a pretty devoted listener to WDW Today, even before this episode, so today was a pretty big thrill. Thank you all for the fabulous information, and all the time you spent answering my questions. I really felt like you were talking directly to me. It was special. Oh, and I love it when Fred is there, but I missed Len, too. And thank you Matthew from the first post for reinforcing what they said.

  • by Patrick Hite on May 4, 2010, at 9:20 am EST

    Where was “Stupid Judy, Stupid Energy” after this episode? I feel so empty not hearing it.

  • 1) Absolutely. There can be a cold front that comes through, but even then, you typically still can during the warmest hours of the day (the afternoon). All pools (waterpark and hotels) are heated, so swimming isn’t a problem anyways. Just… sometimes walking back is.
    Disney wouldn’t spend all that money keeping a water park open if it was too cold to swim, you know?

    3) Are you asking when does Disney make changes, or when do touring plans?

    For Disney, Disney does it whenever they want.
    Their usual time to make changes is: whenever they add another month (aka they end up doing a general update), after a week or two of a particular season/event (like a week into spring break season or a week into the food and wine festival), and then the other main time they’ll do it is about a week or so before (sometimes just a few days before) at any given time (like “uh oh, there’s suddenly tons of people here, let’s extend the park hours” ).

    Touringplans seems to make changes in normally like 3ish days after Disney makes changes. I can remember waiting two weeks expecting changes and I can remember them doing changes the same day new hours were posted.

  • We went last year from December 11-18th. To answer your questions:
    1. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The average December high is in the mid 70s. While we were there, we enjoyed an unusual heat wave that pushed temps into the mid to upper 80s but that isn’t typical. Shortly after we left, Florida got a cold spell with highs in the 40s. December weather is highly variable. That being said, pools are heated and kids are fearless.

    2. Fantasmic pretty much always fills up regardless of the Osborne lights, especially since during the off-season Disney may run it as little as twice a week. We did use the dining package and found it convenient, but I don’t know that it saves you a ton of time. Plus, the seats are off center. They aren’t BAD, we liked them fine, but they aren’t “ideal.”

    3. December hours will probably be released in late May/early June. Disney usually works 6 months in advance. But they could change anytime after that too. Disney constantly reviews projected crowd conditions and adjusts hours accordingly.

    I gotta say we very much enjoyed mid December as a travel time. Lines were very managable, the Christmas spirit was in full-swing and we lucked out on the weather. Plus, right now, you’d be pushing the 180 day deadline for making dining reservations for a November trip. If you go for December, you have plenty of time to worry about this.

    Have a great time!

  • Ok, we’ve switched to December. I’m pretty excited about it. This epsode and all of the other great info from posts above helped us make the decision, so thank you everyone! Now, I’ve got to go start my spreadsheet for the trip…:)

    • Just remember to stay away from the value resorts and POR. Pop Warner takes over those resorts so there are a lot of kids running around.

      • How does Pop Warner impact the four main parks? Are there any other things to watch out for with regards to Pop Warner?

        • I’ve heard horror stories of teenagers commandeering value resort pools until midnight. I didn’t notice any real impact on the parks while we were there, but due to our little ones’ early bedtimes, we were always out of the parks by 7pm. I would think that as long as you avoid evening EMHs you’d be okay, but that’s a guess.