Three Meetups In WDW This Week!

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First and foremost I’d like to thank all of you for the warm welcome to the wonderful team! The Disney online community is growing in leaps and bounds and TouringPlans wants to be right there with it! We are looking to interact more with all of you on a daily basis in fun new ways and launch some exciting new social media projects that all of you can be a part of!

With that being said, I will be traveling down to Disney World next week and will be hosting a few fantastic TouringPlans meets that will be extra special! ย Those that come to them will personally be involved in launching our new social media idea–but you will have to be there to find out what it is!ย Here is the schedule:

Monday May 24th, 2010

Our kick off meet of the week! Have you ever tried a Sleepy Hollow ice cream cookie sandwich in the Magic Kingdom? Well, you will now! Meet at 8:30pm in front of the shop (in Liberty Square) for a treat! It is also a fantastic secret viewing spot for Spectromagic! The ice cream cookie goodness will be our treat! So please stop by, say “Hi!” and enjoy!

Tuesday May 25th, 2010

A meet to watch Block Party Bash in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Meet at 3:00pm in front of Keystone Clothiers for the fun.

Wednesday May 26th, 2010

For the final meet I couldn’t think of anything better than a trip to Club Cool to try the Beverly! Meet at 2:00pm in front of Club Cool in Epcot if you dare!

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So why come to the meets? Well, simple! Because they are fun! We know many of you chat with each other often via avenues such as Twitter and Lines chat and now we are hosting the opportunity to stop by and say “Hello” in person! We all share the common love (obsession) of Disney and meets like this are a great way to meet and talk to friends that you will continue to talk to for some time! Drop in for five minutes or stay for as long as you like, it doesn’t matter!

But here is the best part: by just showing up, two people from each meet will win (at random) a premium subscription to Touring Plans! (If you currently have one, your subscription will be extended one year on us.)

A premium subscription gets you access to the mobile wait times application Lines! And we know you Lines users are fanatics about your badges and have been demanding more, so listen up! Coming to each meet will unlock a secret badge that you can only get by being there!

We are really excited about our new social media ventures so please stop by! I would love to meet each and every one of you!

See you next week!

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Posted on May 20, 2010

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