Disney has posted the park hours and schedules for February 2011 (subject to change, of course), and has made changes to park hours for July, August, and January. When Disney changes its park hours, it’s a good indicator that their forecast for the crowds has changed — so we change ours as well.

Further, we’ve updated an additional 18 days in the next six months based on data we’re receiving from Lines users (big thanks!). We want you to have the best trip possible, and these changes will give you a more accurate picture of what the crowds will look like. And as usual, please let us know if you have any questions related to your trip.


  1. Hmmm… looks like you’ve downgraded a lot of the days during Presidents’ Week from 9’s to 8’s and 7’s.

    Is WDW projecting lower visitor counts in the parks for that week, or did the change in summer 2010 hours simply bump Presidents’ Week into a lower decile?

      • Disney seems to be conservative in announcing hours at first, typically extending them as the dates draw near. This might have the effect of always slightly overstating the near-term crowds relative to dates farther out.

  2. Where are the February 2011 park hours? Can’t find them on Disney’s site, or on WDWMagic, which usually has that promptly. Are they here somewhere? thx….

  3. February hours for Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studio & Epcot are posted on – only MK is missing? If you go to each park and click on calendar you can find them there.

  4. Thanks, just got the .pdf from the travel agent site. Very helpful indeed, been waiting for this! Woohoo!

  5. Thanks for the heads up! I had to totally revamp my schedules and ADR’s in order to avoid EMH’s. So glad I read this website everyday! I got lucky, since my 180 day ADR date doesn’t open for a few days. You touring plan guys are awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

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