Recent changes have been made to the park schedules for February and March 2011. Most affected is the Studios where park schedules have been reduced throughout February. Some minor changes to March have appeared as well. The crowd calendar has been updated to reflect these changes.

Reminder: we still expect these schedules to change in the coming months, perhaps several times, so stay tuned…

In this update we also took the chance to address an issue with Wednesdays at Epcot this fall that many of you noticed. In September through November Epcot is hosting Extra Magic Hour evenings on Wednesdays. Epcot is also hosting Extra Magic Hour mornings on Tuesdays during this period.  This back-to-back Extra Magic Hour schedule is rare and caused a sort of ‘perfect storm’ in our models. The data that we have for these situations tells us that wait times should be very high. We feel uneasy about these estimates because of the time of year and the rarity of the schedule so we have made some adjustments. Make sure to double-check the calendar for your dates.

Disney tried this back-to-back EMH schedule last year as well during the Food and Wine Festival. If you were at Epcot on a Wednesday last year during Food and Wine we would love to hear about your experiences with wait times during the day.


  1. Thank You Thank You Thank You for explaining and addressing this issue! It’s had me perplexed for weeks since we had plans for EPCOT on 9/29.

  2. We will be in Epcot on 9/8. Are you saying there will be evening extra magic hours on that date? They are not listed on Disney’s calendar. Please advise. Thanks.

  3. We were at Epcot last year on Wednesday, Sept 23. I knew it was a park to avoid but was the only day we could fit in our schedule and had a touring plan so we were ready. I felt like the park was busy for that time of year. We ran to Soarin’ as the park opened and were able to ride w/o FP with ~ 15 minute wait. Picked up a FP after riding and were lucky to do that. I seem to remember FPs were gone by midday and the wait times were ~90 minutes after mid morning. I know that isn’t bad during peak seasons but for late Sept. with crowd calendar at 4, the park was fairly crowed. I think your prediction last year for EMHs was right on target.

  4. Thanks Elizabeth, this is great to hear! Sometimes it is hard to trust the data we see because it can be difficult to explain. Then we get these examples from people like yourself that remind us that we are doing alright. Big thanks!

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