Disney Posts May 2011 Park Hours

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Park hours and schedules for May have been announced and the crowd calendar has been updated accordingly.

With Easter falling during late April in 2011, May becomes even a more tempting time to plan a vacation than usual. Crowds in May will be average (between 4 and 6) with the exception of Memorial Day weekend. Even Memorial Day weekend is a good choice if you must travel during a holiday. There are other holidays that are much worse in terms of crowds. Still, use a touring plan and have fun!

Posted on October 21, 2010

6 Responses to “Disney Posts May 2011 Park Hours”

  • Where on the Walt Disney World web site can I see these new park hours for May 2011? They do not seem to be posted. WE have a trip planned in May. Thanking you in advance!

  • Does anyone know of any discounts that may be in affect at the very beginning of May? I was surprised to see free dining over Memorial Day and not at the beginning (slower) part of May. Thank you!

  • Really useful, thanks Chaps. Animal Kingdom seems to be heavy on extra magic mornings which is cool as the animals tend to be about more earlier in the day.

    Any idea why there are no late Fantasmic shows planned like in May 2010? I was hoping for a couple of 10.30pm shows. Hopefully they will add more shows at a later date.

    • Hey Rach, in 2010 there were no days in May where Fantasmic! was offered twice in one night. This year, same deal. I wouldn’t plan on shows being added, chances are, they’ll keep the single shows.

  • I just joined your site at the recommendation of so many who have planned their magical vacations with your guidance. I’ve been reading your FAQs, trying to understand your recommendations for Mother’s Day 2011 (May 8th) since MK is a 4 in the crowd level, but a park to avoid due to the holiday. HELP! It will be our first full day, and I’m so looking forward to taking my boys for the first time to see “Mickey’s Castle.” If the crowds are a 4, will it really be that bad on that particular day? Long lines? Too crowded at a 4? Thanks in advance for your help!