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We’ve recently been working hard to improve our attraction pages. Firstly, we’ve updated the content and are putting in much better infrastructure to keep the data as updated as possible. Stale data, in guidebooks and websites, is the enemy — and we’d love to have you help us fight it. If you notice anything stale or inaccurate, please let us know.

Secondly, we’re trying to put more crowd-stuff into the attraction pages. For our subscribers, we’ve added the current wait times (if the park is closed, we tell you that too), and for shows, we’ve added today’s showtimes. We’ve also included links to the Touring Plans that each attraction is listed in. Expect more coming on this front.

Lastly — and this is the thing I’ve had the most fun with — we’ve started to connect a lot of the structured data in our attractions database. For example, if you scroll down to the Touring Tips section of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad page, you’ll see that a lot of things now include links where they didn’t before. If you click on FASTPASS, you’ll see a list of all the FASTPASS attractions in the Magic Kingdom. If you click on the 40″ inches height requirement, you’ll see a list of all the height requirements in MK. Same goes for which attractions have Physical Considerations and which we rate as Not To Be Missed. All these lists exist for the other parks as well, and should stay protected from the “staleness curse” as they are automatically generated.

We’re excited to keep building out these attraction pages, and are eager to hear what you think of them! What else would you like to see?

UPDATE: You can now see a list of all the categories by going to the main Attractions page for each park (like the Magic Kingdom attractions page) and scrolling to the bottom.

Posted on November 17, 2010

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