Slowly, the official hours and park schedules for December have fallen in-line with historical levels. Initial hours for December, published in June showed a significantly reduced schedule compared to most years. So unlike most years in fact that we didn’t believe them and used our own historical hours for the Crowd Calendar.

Sure enough, Disney has published several updates to the park schedule for December, each time bringing hours up to historical standards. These updates included two this week affecting the days over the Christmas Break (December 24th – January 1st).

Make sure to double-check the crowd calendar for the dates of your visit. An adjustment to park schedules can have an affect on our estimates.


  1. I hate it when they do that! 😉 So, I wonder is Len still heading down between Christmas and New Years? I define a “10” at the Magic Kingdom as “Now I know why they put olive oil in the sardines! You can pack more in!” I can just see the stroller ocean outside Peter Pan’s Flight.

    Meanwhile, I’m still in Ireland.

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