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Here at TouringPlans we’ve made some pretty awesome friends in the Disney community and we’re honored to be a part of them in any way we can. Whether it be a podcast, or a blog, or just a generally awesome idea; we are happy to take part! We’ll be featuring our friends weekly here on the blog to make sure you know what’s going on in their community! These guys are definitely worth checking out.

The Disney Driven Life is a community for “neurotic Disney people” started by our own blogger JL Knopp back in 2009. JL simply started blogging on her hilarious own “neurotic” rituals as she traveled to Disney and what do you know–there were many of us out there that could admit to the same thing. JL evolved from just a blog to leading an entire community where people can “count themselves in” to the madness. I’ve been counted as well! You are looking at a very proud NDI #30. Beyond simply being counted, all Disney fans must check out The Disney Drive Life’s “Sacred Seven” commandments of a Disney trip. You will truly get a laugh and know you have found a community where you can feel at home.

This week on The Disney Driven Life we’re featuring a topic truly unique! The Disney Driven Life community hosted their own Disney Academy Awards! There were a ton of ┬ácategories from the best magazine overall to most likely to become a hitchhiking ghost. The community rallied with the voting, hundreds did, and The Disney Driven Life’s official podcast Innermouse then hosted an awards show announcing the winners. The fun doesn’t end there. All of those who won recorded video acceptances that The Disney Driven Life has hosted on their site. How cool is that?

We’d like to personally thank the entire Disney Driven Life community for voting the TouringPlans blog the best overall, the most user friendly and the most visually appealing! We are honored to have you reading and commenting! A special shout out is also in order to our blogger Kristen Helmstetter who was voted Neurotic Disney Person of the year! We are honored to have you blogging for us, Kristen!

Check out our acceptances speeches on behalf of the team and thank you to The Disney Driven Life for hosting this awesome awards show!

Posted on December 20, 2010

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  • Speaking on behalf of the 535 people that voted in The Disney Driven Life Academy Awards, I must say that your awards were well earned. Good job, Touring Plans!