Disney’s Wild Africa Trek

by on March 1, 2011 23 Comments

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I was fortunate enough to experience Disney’s Wild Africa Trek in the Animal Kingdom recently. Β Rather than write a lengthy post about all its particulars, I thought you might prefer to take the trek with me through this video montage. Β I hope it helps you decide whether this particular tour is one for your “bucket list” and gives you a greater sense of what to expect.

Posted on March 1, 2011

23 Responses to “Disney’s Wild Africa Trek”

  • by Dave Parfitt on March 1, 2011, at 9:36 am EST

    Great video JL! This really held my attention, and was done well. Even though I had heard a lot about the Wild Africa Trek, I learned a lot from the video. You packed a lot of information in here. Plus, those African rhythms were fantastic. I can’t wait to see more. Dave

    • Thank you, Dave. I hope to make more videos like these for the Touring Plans blog. I think the visuals go far in carrying the information. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

  • Awesome! Thanks for getting this together; I learned a lot!

  • Great Video! I am even more excited for my upcoming WAT after seeing your video (didn’t know my excitement levels could be this high). Did you happen to see a dairy-free meal? I’m anxious to know what will be in it.

    • They will accommodate dietary requests if you notify them ahead of time. My guess is that a dairy-free meal would be the same as the other meals minus the soft cheese and yogurt (if you trek during breakfast). Most of the food items did not contain dairy such as the aged beef, rolled salmon, melon, and fig bread. I’m certain they would have a tasty substitute for the items you needed to eliminate.

      I am thoroughly excited for your upcoming WAT. My experience really was a lot of fun. While half of it is not terribly different from the Kilamanjaro Safari, the other half is different enough to make the experience worth doing once. I still cannot get over the fact that I was that close to a hippo.

  • Wow- JL you did an incredible job on this video! You have mad video skills. I love the petting the cheetahs part. It reminded me of that e-trade baby commercial- “Apparently, petting the cheetah’s is “frowned upon” in this establishment.” πŸ˜‰

    • Serena, thanks so much. I really enjoy the process of putting something like this together. And, who knows, maybe one day they will retract that cheetah-petting policy.

  • I loved this video! JL you did an amazing job! There were so many details that you incorporated that answered some of my questions about this tour. πŸ™‚

  • Nicely done! Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, you just wrote volumes about this tour. Thank you – I think I’ll add it to my bucket list today!

    • If you have the disposable income for it, this tour should definitely be on the bucket list. While it’s not a “do or die” type of experience, it certainly is a rather unique one peppered with a sense of adventure.

  • Great post, JL! Didn’t know you had such abilities with videos. I laughed out loud at the “Elephants Gone Wild” part. I had to rewind–“did I just see what I thought I saw?”

    • Yes, apparently that elephant was slipped a little something in his hay. He was “letting it all hang out.” The guide on the tour was trying to tell our group the reason the elephant was throwing dirt on his back. Someone in our group snickered, “No one is looking at the dirt on its back.”

  • What a fabulous video, JL! I really love how you captured the essence of the Wild Africa Trek in a 5-minute video montage! I learned more about this from your video than I did from all the different blog posts I’ve read about it! Thanks for sharing it here on Touring Plans!

  • This is my favorite video of all time. I watch it on loop daily. I’m watching it right now.

  • Dang JL!!! I had no idea you had such skills! Most excellent presentation!!! I am quite impressed! Brilliantly done!
    Hope you don’t mind if I tag my own… though not quite as thrilled with it now… πŸ™‚

  • Jennie-Lynne:

    Great video. Look forward to reading/seeing more articles from you.


  • Great video. I am scheduled for Oct 12 at 8:45a. I need to chek how that works since the park opens at 9am. Also, with my bald head I need to wear a hat. Are hats allowed?