Lines: Now Serving Touring Plans On The Go

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At long last, all of our premium Walt Disney World Touring Plans and Disneyland Touring Plans are available via Lines, our mobile app! Lines also now includes access to all of your personalized touring plans created on the website.

For those not wanting to print out Touring Plans, this feature of Lines (see WDW Lines and DLR Lines) should come in very handy. You can access the Touring Plans on the homescreen of Lines, or by clicking on individual park pages and scrolling to the bottom. The plans are organized by touring group and by category, and the mobile Touring Plans include the full directions, minus a map.

For easy access while touring, you can “select” a Touring Plan and then have one-click access to the plan from the top of the Lines homescreen as well as the park pages. Try it out with a plan, and let us know what you think!

Have you played around with this feature yet? On your next trip, will you print out the Touring Plans or use Lines?

Posted on March 7, 2011

20 Responses to “Lines: Now Serving Touring Plans On The Go”

  • Love it! I can’t wait to use it! I wish we were going sooner than Thanksgiving 2011, but that is as soon as we can go. 🙁 Thanks for the improvement! Will save time and trees!

  • Can we upload touringplans and use them without internet connection in the parks ??

    • by Isabelle Boivin on March 8, 2011, at 8:25 am EST

      By the way, exactly the thing this app was missing !! 🙂 Thank you so much. But… I only have and iPod… that explain my first question 🙂

    • This is fantastic but I have the same question as we will be travelling from overseas and would like to have our chosen touring plans stored locally on our iPhone/iPod so we don’t need to get a new Phone SIM once in Florida just to download the plans each time. Or having to find a free WiFi network to view them.

  • I L…O…V…E this! Not only is this a real paper-saver, it will save tons of time printing up plans before departure. Now I don’t have to print up all of my contingency plans, just in case we decide to use a different plan. We asked, and you guys really delivered. Thanks!

    Ok, so now can you please… just kidding! 😉

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • We will be testing the new app during Spring Break. So you know we are going to NEED a good touring plan. This will be our third trip, but the first time enlisting Touring Plans help. Thanks guys!

  • Great addition! I can’t wait to use it during our next trip.

    My initial gut feel is that I will not print out the Touring Plans.

  • Awesome! Just awesome. Thanks, guys.

  • thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! 😉

  • I JUST noticed this last night and was wondering if I had missed them before! I’m so excited, can’t wait to use them!

  • LOVE this new addition!!!! Any idea if the US/IOA touring plans could be added? Thx for all the great resources you’ve provided.

  • Lines was a great tool on our recent trip to DLR! And I know it will be just as useful on our trip to WDW in Oct! Thanks for adding the combined offer! You guys rock!!

  • *Phenomenal* update, Henry! It came just in time for my recent WDW vacation, so I was able to play with it last week while in Disney. Letting there be a “selected” TP is a stroke of sheer brilliance. Words simply can’t describe what a great idea this was! Thank you so much!

  • This is seriously one of the best things ever. No more printing out of all the various touring plans! You just guaranteed that I’ll re-subscribe! 🙂

  • Great news, Henry!

  • Thank you – This will save me a ton of time and aggravation. I always have my phone with me, wish I could say the same about my touring plans. Spent months researching and planning, only to leave them in my room on 2 different days during my last vacation. That will never be a problem again.

  • I saw the update and thought it would save me the trouble printing pdfs to access on my ipod touch. But no, it’s yet another feature I will have no access to once I leave home. Which leaves me trying desperately to convince the computer to print in a format that works with the little screen without typing them all out again manually.

    If anyone else is attempting this, I recommend 0″ margins on all sides, 125% zoom, and a custom page size of 8.5″ x whatever it takes to either fit the whole thing on one page. Or have the map on one page and the instructions on the next page if your pdf viewer works better with multipage documents than large single page ones.