WDW Today Episode 859 – "Pod" Luck 2

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wdwtoday logoEpisode 859 of WDW Today is now available for download here. Join TouringPlans.com owner Len Testa as co-host for a podcast that features many Walt Disney World travel planning tips!

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Posted on April 3, 2011

2 Responses to “WDW Today Episode 859 – "Pod" Luck 2”

  • I loved the idea of having a park open 24 hours a day. I come from the world of casinos where this is done all of the time. The way I could see it working is to have a rotating schedule of which park is open 24 hours, giving it ample clean-up time during the other days. One of the tricks (apart from this being profitable) is how to load enough food and materials for 2 days without a down period. I would imagine that MK and the Studios are probably the easiest parks to keep open with a skeleton crew. I have a hard time imagining World Showcase with most of the shops/restaurants, etc. closed. But you could keep much of Future World open. I’d love to see Turtle Talk at 3:30 AM when most of the guests are also “buzzed”.

  • Some other Podluck ideas:
    What if- FastPass lines required Pre-FastPasses from other lines?
    What if- Test Track vehicles were installed in Spaceship Earth?
    What if- Disney Parks enforced height requirements AND weight requirements?
    What if- The Magic Kingdom developed Mickey’s Happy Hannukkah Nights?
    What if- Guests’ Free Dining requests were reported to their health insurance companies?
    What if- Every tenth FastPass came with a hunting rifle?
    What if- All park restrooms were locked during even numbered hours?
    What if- Smart Cars were allowed along with ECV’s?
    What if- It’s a Small World figures were replaced with real Florida school kids on school closure days?
    What if- Every day was a Gay Day at Disney World?
    What if- The next country to have a pavilion at Epcot was Burkina Faso?