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Since October, when we cajoled Tom Bricker into joining the cause, we’ve been working hard on is making the site’s photo selection a heck of a lot more interesting. We currently have three types of photos integrated: “mastheads,” which appear at the top of every page (we agree naming them “mastheads” doesn’t make any sense whatsoever), “squares,” which are smaller representations seen on our Fantasyland and Hollywood Studio’s Backlot pages, and, well, “images,” which appear on attraction pages such as our American Adventure and Kilimanjaro Safaris pages.

Today we’ve added “squares” to our Disneyland Lands and Disney California Adventure Lands pages, as well as started to fill out the squares in each of the Disney World lands pages. Tom’s heading to Disneyland later this month, and so there will be more Disneyland photo updates to come!

If you’ve got a few spare minutes, we encourage you to go click around these land pages and the rest of the site, and check out some of the photography now embedded. We hope it’ll spark some memories of trips past and some ideas for trips future!

Posted on April 6, 2011

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  • I love ALL of Tom’s pictures. Bringing him on board last year made a great and wonderful site fabulous. His pictures are as top-notch as the information on Love it all!