If you’re on this site, I assume that you are a devotee of our touring plans. I know that I’ve been a lover of the plans and maximizing my park time for a long time, even before I started writing for the site. There’s only one drawback to the plans that I can see, and that’s the need to get up early and be at the park right away.

I can understand that, but as someone who loves breakfast, it causes a conundrum. How can I grab a great breakfast somewhere in the parks, and keep going? I was pondering this question this week when planning my upcoming trip. Here’s the options I came up with in each park.

Animal Kingdom

If you are looking for protein in your breakfast, you’re out of luck here. You are probably going to have to settle for coffee or tea and pastry, but you’ll have one good option for the pastry and one for the coffee.

A trick I’ve pulled many times is to head straight to Expedition Everest, then over to Kusafiri Bakery in Africa for a quick cup of coffee and either a cherry turnover or muffin. It’s on the way to the Kiliminjaro Safaris, the next step on the plan, and the pastries are great.

The only other real option in Animal Kingdom for a quick breakfast is Royal Anandapur Tea Company, which has much better coffee. The pastries there are not quite as good as at Kusafiri, since they’re the stock muffin and danish combo you find everywhere else at Disney World, but in a pinch, it will do.

Hollywood Studios

Same as Animal Kingdom, if you are looking for a grab and go breakfast, you have a few great options for pastry and coffee, but that about covers it. The best of these has to be Starring Rolls, right at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. The world famous Butterfinger cupcake is indeed worth it, but the muffins and other items here are worth snagging on your way back from Tower of Terror to Star Tours 2.

Another good option that’s a little off the touring plan path is the Writer’s Stop, right off of New York Street near the Sci Fi Dine In. The fabulous thing to eat here is the carrot cake cookie with a cup of coffee. It’s heaven. But if you’re a strict breakfast traditionalist, there are also great muffins and danish.

Even quicker is the coffee cart right outside the Tower of Terror exit, where you can grab some Nescafe and a muffin very quickly. I don’t recommend it, though, because the other two places are better options. In a pinch, though, it will do.


There is a definite dearth of options in Epcot, simply because Future World is the only part of the park open. Per the touring plan, though, you are headed to the Land to either ride or Fastpass Soarin’, so your best bet is to get breakfast at Sunshine Seasons. The food court style eatery in the Land has eggs, bacon, oatmeal and breakfast sandwiches as well as pastries. It’s a fabulous option for you to grab something.

Other than that, your only choice seems to be the coffee cart near Universe of Energy, which offers similar choices to the Tower of Terror cart. However, it’s not usually crowded, and would be right near Mission Space and Test Trck.

Magic Kingdom

There is one choice here – the Main Street Bakery. The ham and cheese croissant there is only matched by the fabulous cinnamon roll. These are not grab and go foods, but they are quick. The issue is that the place is usually crawling by the first few minutes the park is open. If you can spare the time, though, it’s so worth it.

In looking at this information, it struck me that Disney doesn’t have more grab and go breakfast options in the parks. With a large number of Americans used to a fast food breakfast, it seems odd that there is not a biscuit, breakfast sandwich or other such option offered in a large number of locations. It seems like a lost revenue opportunity to me. But until Disney wises up, these are your best choices for a quick breakfast in the parks.

What about you? Where do you like to grab a quick breakfast in the parks?


  1. One other suggestion for Magic Kingdom … Sleepy Hollow (I think that is still the name) right across the bridge to Liberty Square. They serve large Mickey waffles and a drinkable cup of coffee in the morning. Most people are busy packing into the Main Street Bakery so you can dart over there and usually not have a line to deal with. And hey, MICKEY WAFFLES!

      • Neither did I! That is a great tip. I like how you termed the coffee “drinkable.” That’s a whole other blog post, but the lack of good coffee in the parks is an issue. However, Writer’s Stop, I believe has real coffee, not Nescafe.

        • The espresso drinks at the writers stop are good, and to is the coffee if you get it iced. Real hot coffee, not so good.

    • I’m not 100% certain Sleepy Hollow serves breakfast all year, but I know the last two times we’ve been, once in late summer, once in the fall, they were open early. Large Mickey waffle with powdered sugar … yes, please, and thank you!

      I’m always on the look for a better cup of coffee, thanks for that tip!

    • We loved the quick stop for Mickey waffles @ Sleepy Hollow too…and a first time treat on a hot FL morning was a Mocha Float~Yum!!

  2. Totally agree that Main Street Bakery is the go-to place in the MK. We head straight there after rope drop and get our croissants and coffee. On a recent trip, the bakery was undergoing renovations, but the same fare was being served across the way at Casey’s. Agree that there should be many more grab & go options in the parks, esp. for breakfast and for those of us who don’t always want (or need) to take the time for a sit-down meal.

    • I love Main Street Bakery for a quick grab and go or for a nice relaxing breakfast. Grab your food and head over to the tables outside the Plaza to have a nice relaxing morning.

  3. I’ve been to all of those except your choice for Animal Kingdom. You picked the best of the best I think, and certainly 3 of my favorites that I Try to hit up each trip. Main Street Bakery has a Ham, Egg and Cheese Croissant that is amazing.

    Great Article man!

  4. The Ham & Cheese Croissant at Main Street Bakery is awesome. We normally eat breakfast in the room before heading to the parks, but I see this being a tradition now on MK mornings.

    • I always hate eating in the room, because I’m on vacation, you know? I eat quick stuff at home, but on vacation I like to branch out. For doing a touring plan, though, it’s nice to be able to roll out of bed and go, so eating in the room is a good option.

  5. Did they stop serving full breakfasts at Pizzafari? In early December, we picked up a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and potatoes there.

    • I did not see breakfast on the menu there. Some restaurants in busier times of the year will offer platter breakfasts. I know I’ve had breakfast at Cosmic Ray’s in December, but they did not offer it other times of the year.

  6. My daughter and I had a few quick breakfasts during our December trip. At Hollywood Studios, Fairfax Fare offers some pastries as well as an egg and cheese on an English muffin. Just the thing after getting a Toy Story Mania fast pass and before hitting Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster! Plus, shorter lines than Starring Rolls.

  7. We breakfast in our room before we head out. Since we all take differing amounts of time to get ready, it makes sense for us to cycle through the villa kitchen as time allows. My mom gets up first, and makes the coffee. My husband usually sets out porridge for my son, and starts bagels in the toaster. He also sometimes scrambles some eggs. We then make breakfast burritos to eat in the car. On our arrival day, I usually make up some breakfast sausage or bacon and put it in the fridge for quick heating up. (Ditto with a batch of porridge.) A bowl of cut up fruit in the fridge rounds out the options.

    We like to stick to the touring plan for the first couple of hours after rope drop, with no time to shop or eat…yet. As the crowds increase with the late arrivers, we are usually ready to take a break to eat something.

    • WOW! I am impressed with your in-room dining expertise. That is quite a routine you have going there. Having a kitchen in a villa is a great way to save money and get a quick start. Way to go!

      • I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but I don’t act like a real human until I have at least a partial cup in the morning. It is better for everyone if I have my cup before I venture out in public. 😉 We bring our own coffee from home, my mom grinds it the night before we leave for Orlando. We’ve not been too thrilled with the coffee at WDW.

  8. Nice: Sunshine Seasons… I feel like people pass by there in the AM rush for Soarin’ Fastpasses. I like that as my Epcot breakfast spot. PLUS- if it’s your last day on the DDP, great point burning can happen here. 🙂

  9. I would have chosen the same 4… Kusafi, Starring Rolls, Main St Bakery and Seasons. I wish the UK pavilion would offer a couple of Brit style breakfasts like we have here. I’m thinkin g bacon roll, sausage batch with ketchup and mustard or a nice bowl of porridge. Yum.

  10. I second the breakfast in the room. We have two non-morning/non-breakfast people, so they get up and shower while myself and the other morning person head to the Pop cafeteria. They have enough variety to eat something different every morning. My vote goes to the breakfast burrito. We also bring a package of pop tarts (brought from home) for the non-morning people so they don’t get hungry before we stop around 1 for lunch (have to take advantage of all the low lines before the crowds!) Although we have been known to eat share a Buttferfinger cupcake at 10am. It is after all a vacation!

  11. Had a good cup of coffee and pastry at a spot right before the turnstiles in Epcot when we were there in March. It was right next to the merchandise carts but I didn’t notice a name. I think there is also a stand like it at the TTC.

    • There is! There is also one outside Animal Kingdom as you’re getting ready to walk in. The TTC one is the best, because you can finish your food before going in. I have been asked to put down my coffee before going into Animal Kingdom, so I don’t know if it’s a good option if you are trying to run through the parks. But always a great tip.

  12. I am actually surprised at how few quick service restaurant choices there are. (I’m a bad touring plans person and don’t typically get to the parks at open or even during breakfast hours it seems.) I guess Disney figures if you are going to the parks you are there to ride rides or eat at a table service restaurant. I would guess they figure that if you wanted a full quick service breakfast, you would have already eaten it at the resorts. I think that’s faulty thinking though. Not everyone is staying on property or wants to wait in that long line at the resort for a meal.

    I would love to see more choices like Sunshine Seasons available all the parks. I’m someone who’d rather eat a quick Mickey waffle or pancakes and eggs than a danish or cinnamon roll for breakfast. It just seems a shame that they don’t offer these types of items much in their counter service restaurants in the parks. I would think they would be missing out by not providing this as an option. I mean even restaurants like McDonalds and Steak n Shake have been upping their breakfast opportunities…and really advertising the heck out of them.

    So Disney, if you’re reading this, maybe open up a few additional quick service restaurants with a breakfast menu. It could be a fabulous addition!

    • Seconded. I think nutritious breakfasts especially are hard to find. Things like yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit plates or oatmeal are easy to provide, but not as plentiful as you’d imagine.

  13. “The world famous Butterfinger cupcake is indeed worth it… ”

    I’m probably in the minority here but… so not worth it, haha. Maybe I was just oversold on the Butterfinger in the name. If you are looking for a CHOCOLATE cupcake, with a little bit of Butterfinger, maybe this is what you are looking for. But when I heard “Butterfinger Cupcake” I really expected a lot more Butterfinger to come through. 🙁

  14. The strawberry muffin at the writer’s stop is amazing. We get it every morning we’re in DHS after riding Toy Story and Rock’n Roller Coaster.
    I also agree with the Ham, Egg and Cheese sandwich at Main Street Bakery. If you’re looking for a nice place to relax away from the crowds, just head down that side street off Main Street (Center Street?) where there a few tables and hardly ever any people.
    As for Animal Kingdom, never have breakfast there. We usually got to AK after breakfast at Boma!

  15. I have yet to go anywhere that comes close to Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
    They are all good choices otherwise, but cinnamon rolls are not for me

    • Boma is divine, but sometimes I just don’t want to get up early enough to take an hour and a half for breakfast. That’s why I was looking at some of the quick service meals.

  16. When we get to the parks in time for rope drop, we don’t want to stop for breakfast. So we just eat in the room. I buy some milk in the gift shop, stock up on extra grapes at the grab and go in the food court, and bring Nutrigrain or TLC bars from home. We make coffee in the room (terrible, but it gives us our required caffeine!!!) and drink it on the way to the bus stop. I do like a leisurely breakfast, but not on a Disney trip. Time is money, and I really don’t miss a nice breakfast!

    • I love leisurely breakfast, sipping coffee outdoors, etc. But you’re right, at Disney time is money, so it’s difficult to balance the two. I really don’t like doing breakfast in the room because it is so similar to what I do at home, and I’m on vacation, right?

      I totally see your point, though. I guess it’s the balance we all have to strike.

    • Same here! We bring instant oatmeal & grits, and some cheerios. We buy milk at the food court and keep it in our room fridge for the entire trip. Sometimes we’ll get a bagel at the food court for our picky eater (DD7), but we eat pretty quickly and are out the door and at the bus stop/in the car as early as possible. We always wonder about the people who crowd into the restaurant on Mainstreet after rope drop, but that leaves more room on Big Thunder Mountain RR for us!

  17. Heading down in September and planning breakfast in our room on days not at the MK. On our first day at MK we have 8am reservations at Chef Mickey’s. Will we get to the park in time to take full advantage of a touring plan?

    Also, love the recommendations for places to grab a quick morning snack in the other parks. Will definately put those on the list.

    • We always take one day for a relaxed morning, usually the day after a late night in the parks for a hard ticket party, and eat brunch at Chef Mickey’s. I’ve never eaten there that early, but I think that rope drop will probably not be possible unless the park opens really late that morning. There are late arrival touring plans for your situation, just look them up before you go to see if they work for you. At least you will be really close to the MK.

      • 8a at Chef Mickey’s is going to be a little rushed to make park opening at 9a and do the full touring plan. It’s going to take you at least 45 min to eat. My best guess is you’ll be in the park around 9:30 if you hurry, maybe 10 a.m. if you don’t.

        Like Amy said, there’s the late arrival touring plans that could work, or you could just cut off the first few steps of the morning plan. Think maybe 20 minutes per step in the morning, so cut off the first six attractions and start at #7.

  18. For short trips of the fewer than three or four day variety, we bring hard-boiled eggs from home to grab for a quick breakfast along with our fruit and coffee. Since there are about 40 laying hens at home, the eggs must be brought along as the average “store-bought” egg does not compare. We pick up some fresh organic fruit when we hit Orlando before checking into our hotel as well. We are picky coffee people, too, and have a grinder, french press, and electric kettle in our owner’s locker. You have your choice in the morning–first in the shower or make the coffee. 😉

    • WOW! Now that is some in room breakfast right there. You’re right that store bought eggs do not compare. I can’t imagine a better breakfast than gourmet coffee, fresh eggs and fruit. Great plan! Sadly, my love of pastry has kept me in the parks hunting fattening food.

  19. Ryan,

    I agree Breakfast has been the hardest meal of the day for us, if we do not have anything in our villa to grab, we usually end up skipping it and are starving by 11am. I know in the past my hubby would stop at the bakery in MK late at night and grab the HUGE cinnamon rolls, take it back to the room for in the AM grab & go Bfast.

    • I’ve done this as well. On one trip I grabbed pastries the night before from Main St. Bakery and ate them for breakfast and it went really well. It’s a great tip to combine eating “park food” and staying in the room to save time.

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