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Photo by Betsy Bates

Photo by Betsy Bates

On my last trip to Walt Disney World some friends and I decided to have dinner at the Rose and Crown located in Epcot’s World Showcase.  Guests can make their way to the United Kingdom pavilion to find this recreation of a British pub and sample some of the UK’s favorite dishes.  I had been there once before, but it had been a long time so I was eager to try it again.

Photo by Betsy Bates

The atmosphere matches that of a pub that can be found on a UK street corner.  The large bar is a favorite watering hole for Epcot visitors and is decorated in the traditional British style.  The dining room is toward the rear of the building and looks out over World Showcase Lagoon.  Upon arriving, guests check in at a podium outside before being seated for their meal.  The rich wood walls help make the space feel cozy and inviting.

Since this is a pub, I’d lying if I didn’t say I was looking forward to a nice beer to go with my dinner.  The drink menu here at the Rose and Crown will not disappoint with several specialty beers and combinations of beers to try.  Do you prefer cocktails?  There are plenty of those to pick from along with more standard brews.  I opted to try one of the “pub blends” called the cider and black.  It was made from hard cider with a shot of black current juice.  It was tasty and sweet, but I think I preferred my friend’s snake bite which is also one of the blend options.

Photo by Betsy Bates

Photo by Betsy Bates

If you’d just like a drink you can always stop into the bar area rather than sitting for a full meal.  Here, the cast members will be happy to serve you a variety of British beers, ciders, and other specialties.  A light food menu is also available in the bar if you are feeling a bit hungry.

Some friends at the table opted to order the trio of United Kingdom cheeses to share as an appetizer.  It was a lovely looking plate with cheeses, grapes, and a few crackers and my friends enjoyed it quite a bit.  Other appetizer options include potato leek soup, mussels, and a scotch egg.  I thought about getting the soup, but decided to skip it this time; maybe next time I’ll try it out.

Bangers and Mash

Cardigan Bay Fisherman's Stew








Since we had so many people at our table we had a variety of entrees brought to us so I have several photos to share!  I had a hard time picking between the traditional shepard’s pie, the Guiness stew, and the fisherman’s stew.  The Guiness stew was a beef stew made with the famous stout and served in a bread bowl.  A few of my friends selected this for their dinner and gave it glowing reviews.  The fisherman’s stew included cod, scallops, mussels, and prawns in a tomato based broth.  When it arrived at the table it looked really yummy with a ton of fish and a bit of crusty bread.  However, I ordered the shepard’s pie and really enjoyed it.  If you like lamb, you’ll like this comfort food dish.

Guiness Stew

Filet of Beef








We were all too stuffed to try dessert on this trip, but I’m sure we’ll be back.  Some items that look yummy include the sticky toffee pudding and the chocolate scotch cake.  This eatery also offers a selection of after dinner drinks.  How about a coffee spiked with Bailey’s Irish cream?  I thought it sounded good too.  If your seating is close to an Illuminations show time you may want to linger over dessert and coffee while you wait for it to begin.

Illuminations viewing area photo by Betsy Bates

As a bonus to a tasty dinner, the Rose and Crown offers a great spot for diners to watch Epcot’s fireworks show, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.  Folks who are lucky enough to snag one of the outside tables at show time can watch this beautiful display without moving.  For those seated inside, ask your server about watching the show when it gets close to starting.  After a bit of confusion, we figured out we could go to the side of the building to a small reserved area to watch.  This benefit was a lovely added perk to an already fun meal.

Overall, I had a really good time and a good meal at the Rose and Crown.  I wouldn’t call it the best dinner on Disney property, but it was certainly satisfying.  My sheperd’s pie really hit the spot and I definitely recommend giving it a try if you head this restaurant.  It was a fun place to eat with a group of friends since we could sample different unique drinks and enjoy each others’ company.  If you and your friends are family are into pub grub then you should give the Rose and Crown a shot.

What about you? Have you dined at the Rose and Crown? Let me know what you thought about it!

Next week I’ll be back to tell you all about the Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


Posted on April 20, 2011

25 Responses to “Have a Pint at the Rose and Crown”

  • I was interested to read this as R&C was one place I was planning on skipping on my September trip (I’m from England so more interested in seeing the other ‘countries’ in World Showcase). Quite tempted to pop in and see how it compares to a REAL British pub though (I’ve been before but years ago and can’t really remember!).

    Shocked to see Cider and Black and Snakebite described as ‘pub blends’ though! That makes them sound like specialities when they are far from that (in the real England anyway!) – interesting to see what non Brits think of stuff like that!

    • You can always just pop in for a drink at the bar if you are intent on experiencing the other pavilions food options. I don’t care if they are student drinks; I like them! hehe Thanks so much for the comment!

  • by Chris O'Connor on April 20, 2011, at 8:23 am EST

    I think your evaluation of the Rose and Crown was perfect, Kristen. I don’t think most people would classify it as elite when it comes to the food, but then again, it’s a pub. There is plenty of tasty pub grub to be had there(the shepherd’s pie is indeed excellent) and the beers and ales offered are a big step up from most other locations at WDW. Plus, it’s truly a great spot for Illuminations! We were fortunate enough one night a couple of years ago to walk up and get an outside table about 10 minutes before the show started…timing is everything!


    • How fun that you were able to snag a table outside! I think the Rose and Crown isn’t the most amazing food ever, but it does the job. I’m glad you agree! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  • My friends and I are going to the R&C in 28 short days! Cannot wait to have dinner outside while watching Illuminations!

  • The Scotch Egg is a real treat. The Pimm’s Fruit Cup is a good alternative if you’re looking for something refreshing but less heavy than beer.

  • The Rose & Crown is one of our favorite places to eat (and drink). My husband gets what he calls “the best deal at Disney”…a double whiskey and coke for 9 bucks. I opt for a Black & Tan. My son loves the Hat Lady, so there’s something for everyone!!!! I really could use some R&C Fish & Chips right now!!!!

    • Yes the hat lady is fun, but my favorite entertainment at the bar is Carl the bartender! When he’s working he’s a riot and loves to tell stories and do bar tricks for those who ask. Try to find him next time you’re there!

  • Haha, Snakebite and Cider+Black are such student drinks, I can never believe that they try and sell them as specialities or ‘blends’! What is good though is to mix those two – get a Snakebite Black, which is the Snakebite with the black current. Still a classic student drink, mind you!

    • In was going to make the same comment. I love the idea of tourists knocking back pints of snakebite. Gruesome. Proper student booze. They’ll be doing mad dog 20/20 next! Some of the menu is very typical British – shepherds pie for example or sausage and mash and you’ll find an Irish coffee on most menus too… But scotch egg isn’t pub food, its a snack from the supermarket that you’d have at a picnic or part of a ploughmans salad (heavy on cheese, lite on salad!)

      But what the hell is a chocolate scotch cake? Never heard of it! Lemon merengue (sorry cannot spell) pie, steam pudding and treacle tart would be more ‘British’. With custard.

      To be fair I have eaten at the R&C and loved the food…not entirely British but tasty.

    • Yes! They will do the snakebite black if you ask for it without a problem. We asked for it and it was lovely. It’s so funny that they are considered student drinks. I must be young at heart then cause I really like them 🙂

  • I just ate at R&C this past weekend with a large group of friends for a birthday dinner and it was great. I had the Sunday Roast and a couple cider and blacks and it was a practically perfect meal and pretty reasonably priced. We ate early enough where we were fortunate to be seated on the back patio facing the World Showcase lagoon on a gorgeous evening. I can’t wait to go back and try the shepherd’s pie. Sounded great!

  • BritMick – Ha! I enjoy a Snakebite…right before I order a scotch flight! Nothing wrong with a refreshing cider on a hot day! 🙂

  • I bet the Filet of Beef is the least-ordered entree on the dinner menu simply because there are a lot of good choices on there we don’t normally see eating out in our hometowns. I ordered the Filet of Beef when we ate dinner at the R&C in January and I wanted to share that it was an EXCELLENT steak. Very tender, although I had ordered it well-done and that isn’t always easy to pull off. The potatoes that come with it were super yummy as well. This is definitely on my “wanna get that again” list of meals. So if you are thinking about ordering the steak here I do recommend it. We were celebrating our anniversary, by the way, and our wonderful server brought us a surprise dessert and a card signed by all the waitstaff…that really made us feel special!

    • A few of my friends ordered the filet and really liked it. Maybe next time I’ll have to give that a shot. The problem is there are so many tasty looking entrees! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • by John E. Levis on April 21, 2011, at 7:04 am EST

    My wife and I had lunch there last month. In spite of many visits to EPCOT we had never eaten at The Rose and Crown. I had the fish and chips and my wife had the corned beef sandwich. The food was very good, the atmosphere as authentic as I recall from visits to pubs in England and Scotland and our waitress, a very cute and friendly lass from Northern Ireland, was a delight. We’ll be sure to return.

  • The bangers and mash is to die for. Just went there in the beginning of April. Fantabulus!!! My wife and I have never had a bad meal there. Plus the view from the restaurant is great, especially on a warm day in spring, sitting out on the patio overlooking the lagoon. I myself, have been a Harp lover for a long time. The salad for an appitizer is wonderful and very flavorful. I can’t wait to get back.

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