Star Wars Weekends & The Crowd Calendar

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Day one of Star Wars Weekends 2011 is almost in the books and it looks like despite the re-opening of Star Tours, wait times are similar to years past.

Star Wars Weekends are a good example of why we post the per park crowd levels as well as the park recommendations. Per park levels are an absolute rank of the wait times in a park. The park recommendations take into account other reasons to avoid a park. During Star Wars weekends, the Studios hosts an influx of Star Wars fans who flood the park to partake in the special events. Typically though, they do not increase wait times at the attractions. That is why we see per park crowds at reasonable levels, yet we recommend avoiding the Studios. Unless you are there for the event, the mass of people can make touring difficult.

Posted on May 20, 2011

3 Responses to “Star Wars Weekends & The Crowd Calendar”

  • Lines for Star Tours today looked really long, which isn’t shocking since the ride officially opened today. Clearly we have the hotness of a new attraction luring extra riders to Star Tours this year, but does that attraction generally see more riders during Star Wars Weekends than other summer weekends?

  • by Donald Murray on May 21, 2011, at 10:33 am EST

    Was planning on touring Hollywood Studios on Friday June 10 due to the low crowd levels (1.4) but now I’m reconsidering it since our plans are somewhat flexible. We’re not planning on riding Star Tours, just the other major attractions (TOT, RnRC, TSM, etc). Will the Star Wars Weekends crowds get in our way very much? Will all the other parts of the park really see the predicted crowd levels?

  • I was in HS on Saturday with my wife. While it was very busy throughout the park, the lines did move swiftly. It only took us about 20 minutes to get onto StarTours when the line outside said 40 minutes.

    The Star Wars celebrities and character meetings really suck a lot of the people away from the rides. All the main passages will be busy throughout the park, because that is where the meet and greets are setup. However, the actual ride lines will be short.

    As much as I wanted to take a picture with some of the characters, I was not about to wait 30+ minutes in the sun to do so, so we skipped all the character meets (ride lines are almost always shaded, character lines are not).