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Here at World Headquarters in an undisclosed location in the South Pacific, we like to branch out and try our hand at new things from time to time. In that spirit, we give you some videos about the features included in a premium subscription. What do you think? Helpful or not? And, yes, that really is me doing the voiceover. Len Testa thought it was more “authentic” to hear me trying to spit out phrases like “tips and tricks” than to hear it from a “professional” with “skills.”

We plan to add more videos in the future. What would you like to see?


  1. I like to see the video’s showing the different room categories. It’s good to show people who don’t go as often the different types and themes of rooms. Makes them more interested knowing that the room won’t be a motel 6.

  2. Have you posted any yet????

    Good idea Eric, I’d love for you to tape your touring plans…not the whole thing…but maybe take us to the Line we are suppose to line up in at the beginning of the day and then walk quickly to the first ride..grabbing a fast pass..etc….Another good video would be showing us where the great spots are in each park to watch all the parades, and events would be good too..VISUALS really help me

  3. I like the room videos, I rely on them and allears to see the rooms, pool and lobby…although the dead silence is awkward, maybe a little music or commentary on the rooms!! Like, “last time I stayed here was during a pop warner weekend or the mousekeepers did such and such with the towels”, I like misc trivia like that.
    As I’ve never been there before it would be cool to see you guys in the parks. Maybe a before and after of a plan…in July, or the crowds in the park to go with the crowd calendar. See the lines on a “1” day compared to a “6 or 10” day, just to get a feel of what it’s really like…you know for us Newbies.
    I’m really enjoying the blogs too, insider info and all that!

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