More Park Schedule Updates For July Through December

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A week of steady changes to park hours and park schedules for Walt Disney World continues. After updating the crowd calendar for the last round of changes, the schedules were updated once again. Our crowd calendar now reflects the most recent update of park hours and park schedules but we would not be surprised if further updates are on their way.

January park hours and schedules were officially released but most of the information provided is bare-bones and certinaly not close to what the acutal hours of operation will be come the new year. Once the information includes all the appropriate schedule information (Fantasmic!, Magic Kingdom parades and fireworks, park hours) we will update January 2012 as well.


Posted on June 23, 2011

9 Responses to “More Park Schedule Updates For July Through December”

  • Thanks for the post, Fred. I noticed that the December hours are a little short for the week of Pop Warner, and shorter than last year. In general, how far in advance do park hours “lock”? I’m expecting hours to be a extended a bit still.

    • There really is no regular “lock in” pattern, it all seems to depend of attendance figures leading up to the date. We have seen decisions to extend park hours during the same day! Generally, once we get to about a week or so away from Pop Warner, those park hours should be set.

  • Thanks, Fred. I just checked the calendar for the day’s we’re going, and I noticed that Fantasmic! will now be playing twice the night we’re planning to be there– does that make a difference in terms of our Fantasmic! Dinner Package?

    • Last year when I did the Fantasmic! Dinner Package, the pass was only good for the first show. I would call Disney to confirm, (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463.

  • Thanks for the update Fred. I’m going mid-November during Jersey week. I’m not familiar with it – is that usually at one park? I see that Epcot is a park to avoid most days for the first few weeks of November…I’m assuming because of Food and Wine finishing up. Just trying to plan for that Fri-Sun trip we’ll be making from Nov. 11-13. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the update Fred… Resort levels for our trip mid July are now mostly 9’s and some of our fixed plans are now in parks to avoid 🙁
    Should I be freaking out? because I’m freaking out! Can the touring plans still save us from utter madness??

    • We usually have to go the first week of August, due to school and work and the crowd calendar is usually in the 7-9 range. We make sure to get there 15-30 minutes before park opening and follow a touring plan and never wait more than 20 minutes in line, usually 10 or less. I think you’ll be fine. Enjoy your trip.

  • Thanks Mark- those wait times sound totally managable. I’m feeling much better now 🙂