Fox 13 Tampa Bay Puts Our Lines App And Touring Plans To The Test

by on July 18, 2011 9 Comments

Filed under: Uncategorized and our Lines App were put to the test last week by FOX 13’s Consumer Reporter Chris Chmurra and Producer Jeff Schlesser. They split up at the Magic Kingdom, with one using a touring plan from our Disney World App and one going it alone. Our Magic Kingdom Touring Plan bested instinct by 91 minutes! Here’s the video:

App helps you avoid lines at Disney:

Posted on July 18, 2011

9 Responses to “Fox 13 Tampa Bay Puts Our Lines App And Touring Plans To The Test”

  • Could they have used an older picture at the top of the story? It’s of Disney-MGM (not Hollywood) Studios. Somewhere Matt Hochberg is smiling.

  • Congratulations guys!

  • Tell me something I didn’t already know! LOL–love touring plans!

  • Yes, but did he just use the wait-time estimates, or did he also use a touring plan? I also noticed that they got started after 9am. 91 minutes seems like a low margin to me… It just goes to show that even if you ignore the whole rope drop, and make a whole bunch of other rookie “mistakes,” you can still save a decent amount of time with the app. This was fun to watch!

  • Only confirming what has already been confirmed countless times. There is no substitute for a good touring plan, and no better plans than what you can get here. Thank you and unofficial guide team!!! My park experiences have never been the same since I discovered the guide.

  • 22 rides seems like a pretty great day to me. And to think he got paid to do this. Maybe next he can see if a massage at Grand Floridian is as good as one at a spa in Orlando.

    • Let’s put this is perspective – 22 rides is more than double what the average Disney guest experiences. 🙂

      • by John E. Levis on July 22, 2011, at 6:03 am EST

        Wow! I’ve never kept track of how many rides we’ve done but if pressed I guess I would have to say 12 -15. Does the average vary by park?