Hello, this is just to notify you that there have been a few minor changes to the Walt Disney World schedules for the months of January and February 2012.  The changes are more confirmations than anything significant.

It is now confirmed by Disney that there are no Fantasmic! shows scheduled at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from January 5th through February 12th inclusive.

The hours have also been preliminarily confirmed for February for Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Previously, due to a formatting error, the hours were unknown.

The only change is that the Magic Kingdom‘s evening Extra Magic Hours have been moved from February 26th to February 27th.

If you would like to know the basics of how Disney deals with their park hours, you can read this blog post.  Touring Plans will be updating shortly to reflect the few changes made during this update.


  1. The email notification I received concerning this post mentioned changes in December as well as January and February. We will be visiting WDW Dec. 2-5, so I am curious if there are any changes that will affect our time there. Thanks!

    • You are correct Carol, Disney listed December as having been updated as well, so the initial post said December. On further inspection, I went through December’s schedule more than once and could find no changes.

      The hours may change a little bit for your trip, but Disney won’t release the “final” hours for December until mid-November.

  2. We’ll be visiting Mouseland 1/28/12 – 2/3/12. After a week of 1-3 level crowds, our last day Epcot spikes to an 8.6 Is this really true? Will that make for a crazy busy park? I’d love to take advantage of the evening extra magic hours our last day.

  3. Also, Epcot is also a “park to avoid” on Tuesday, 1/31, but with a crowd level of 1.4. With a crowd level so low, would it be an ok day to go anyway?

    • The increase in crowd level for 2/3 is due to the evening Extra Magic Hours at Epcot. It will be busier, but if you follow a touring plan you’ll be able to see everything with minimal wait. Also, if you take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours the park will be less busy the later it gets.

      Regarding the “park to avoid;” the recommended and avoid parks takes a lot into account. The reason Epcot is an avoid park on 1/31 is because of the morning Extra Magic Hours. The theory is that since most people don’t utilize the extra hour it is better to avoid the park altogether. Since the crowd level is so low the recommended and avoid parks won’t be as important. Again, if you are planning on taking advantage of Extra Magic Hours that would be a big advantage for you as it will be even emptier during that first hour.

  4. When I look on the WDW calendar online for 01/21/12-01/27/12 I do not see any MSEP listed any night during our stay. Most planning websites list it as being on 01/21, 1/23 and 1/26 but why is it not listed on the actual Disney website?

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